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A Little Wiggle-Room

Give Yourself A Little Wiggle-Room

Giving yourself a little wiggle-room to make decisions, plan, or react.

Sometimes life is a little strange. When you think you have things covered, things go a little wonky.

My mother is flying into Oslo today. I thought she was flying in tomorrow!

When you travel to Europe, from the States, you normally lose a day.

So if you leave on a Tuesday, you arrive on a Wednesday.

Most people tell you the date they are leaving, not arriving. So, you have to add on a day so you do not show up a day early to pick them up.

I almost did the opposite to my mom. Not show up to pick her up.

She answered my question on when she would arrive. I assumed she meant a day later.

Clear Communication

Lucky for me she is an hour delayed out of her half-way point and texted me to let  me know.

That hour delay allowed me to take a train that will meet her on time.  At least she’s not arriving, wondering where I was, since I thought she would arrive tomorrow.

Since she had asked me to come meet her at the airport, because she is feeling unsure about traveling on her own on the train to her sisters, that would have sucked.

Thanks to a little wiggle room, I am able to help her out in spite of the lack of clear communication.

Sometimes no matter how I try to write things out and be clear, it does not work out.

Letting Go

Now I need to let it go, and be thankful that her plane was delayed and I can help her out.

Taking some deep breaths, writing down my thoughts to you, and moving on.

What do you do when things do not work out just right? How do you adapt? Do you see the wiggle room and the challenge?

Hope your day of training goes off with out a hitch. Cheers!!

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