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Looking for healthy, whole food based recipes? Just try something first. Go find a recipe online, or go old-school and grab a recipe book. There’s a good chance the recipe is not as healthy for you as it could and should be.

The problem is that a large number of recipes include some ingredient that is ready made or over-processed.

You’ll often find the ingredient list including things like ready-made Campbell’s soup. If you’re baking something, a milled and bleached white flour is “required”.

Most of the recipes you’ll find contain few of the typical “whole food” ingredients. Sorry, won't be part of our healthy food recipes

What are whole food ingredients?

Most of us are familiar with the taste of processed ingredients and foods.

These ingredients and foods contain long lists of “stuff” on the nutrition label. They often feature sugar and sugar derivatives, saturated fats and salt early in the “contains” list on the nutrition label. And for some reason that we, the average Jane & Joe can’t quite explain, we’re almost feeling like we’re addicted to them. It’s almost as if they made the food to “trick” our palate into loving it.

Because of this, a lot of us struggle with the taste of whole foods at first.

They taste a little different.

Not in a bad way, they just don’t taste the same as the processed foods do. Takes a little getting used to.

The thing about “whole foods” is that the ingredients are simple.

First of all, you won’t find a “whole food” that contains salt, sugar and fat, all at once (unlike those Doritos you may have in your cupboard).

Second of all, the whole food ingredients are ingredients where you can recognize the food itself.

Fruits, vegetables, meats, unprocessed or minimally processed grains and dairy.

These are “ingredients”. You can recognize what they are made of. The rule for processed vs. whole foods?

Processed foods have ingredients. Whole foods are ingredients.

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