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War and Smoking

War and Life

War is ugly. 

Need an example? Turn on the TV and see pictures of the war and Syria, and you know what I mean.

A city that was full of life, not that long ago now has pockets of habitable areas surrounded by ruble.

The people who live there find fear a constant companion. 

Not knowing who they will run into that day and how the day will end.

Whether the bombing and fighting will come to close.

Thomas and I watched an episode of the Netflix show; Dogs.

It was about a dog named Zeus and his refugee story to meet his young master in Berlin. 

I was struck by the fear of the man who was taking care of Zeus in Syria.

He was a draft dodger from the Syrian military, waiting to find a way out of Syria.

Before fleeing he needed to help his friend, who had fled two years earlier, get his dog to Berlin.

A reason he was dodging his military duty was simply because most men who joined died.

Death and War

Thomas read a story about a genetic study on what is being done to extend your life.

One of the things was “not going to war”.

WWI killed so many people, it caused a massive drop in the lifespan of  humans at the time (in the early 20th century).

So, if you want to extend your life as close to its natural end as you can, avoid going to war!

The man in Syria taking care of Zeus had his natural preservation kick in.

He wanted to live, so he did not wish to join their war.

Holy Smokes

The other big cause of a notable lifespan drop in the late 20th century was smoking.

First for men, then for women.

Staying away from smoking and second-hand smoke will provide another opportunity to live our full, natural, life span.

Then there is air pollution. This may not be smoke, but it does impact airways and breathing.

There is new information showing that air pollution may cut down on life span. 

We can control most of how we live our life, and where.

Of course, opportunity and mental health impact what that life looks like.

If you cannot imagine being the President, you will never even try.

Growing up in a place were education is not valued and access to information is limited will also impact opportunities.

Less opportunity means less income and more life challenges for covering basic needs.

Mental health issues can lead to avoidance in the form of self-harm or drug and alcohol abuse. 

In present time, there are ways to manage mental health, if you have access.

Which can increase you opportunity options.

Back to the basics, which do seem rather simple.

To give yourself the best opportunity to live your natural life span; Do not go to war and do not smoke! 

A little training will help you feel great today (training helps extend your life too). Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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