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Wandering To Create Connection and Ignite Imagination

Wandering To Connection

Wandering is something that I enjoy doing very much. I like to live in a place that allows a lot of wandering.

At times I find it easier to allow myself to wander if I have a purpose. Walking to get somewhere always helps. The best is if I am dropped off away from home and have to get back.

Older places geared more towards walking are filled with discoveries along the way. I like to learn a place by taking my time strolling through it.

For me, it is harder to feel connected to places where walking is not possible.

Wonder of Wandering

To wander creates wonder in me. I tell myself stories of the places and people I see. As I stroll around and come across different scenes, I wonder what the story is behind it.

I do not think I am alone in this.

With more focus on the worlds within the internet, is this questioning and imagining of the world around us coming to an end?

I find it harder to not fall into the “fear of missing out” and “comparisons” when immersed in social media.

This problem does not exist in “live” forms of social “media”. I feel more curiosity and less insecurity.

Image vs. Witnessing

Is there a difference between an image and witnessing a live moment?

When I see something live I am very aware that there is no predetermined next moment.

Watching two people interacting as they walk down the street, play in a park, or a dog being walked is unpredictable. It is without a predetermined outcome.

Images and video are all complete. There is nothing left to happen. They just do not capture my imagination and wonder the same way.

The last time you wandered around, what did you notice? What was your inner dialogue and reaction? How does it compare to an image or video experience?

Have a great day, and even better training session. Cheers!!

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