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Waking Up In a Puddle of Sweaty Sheets

Sweaty and Hot

Waking up sweaty can be an unpleasant and sticky experience, which at times requires a change of clothes.

For me it always happens when I eat too much sugar. It also happens if I drink alcohol, the ambient heat is high, exercised too close to bedtime, or I’m stressing.

In those moments my best bet is to get out of bed and cool down while relaxing my mind.

The first time when I woke up in a sweat-soaked night shirt, I was both surprised and bothered.

It was a yucky feeling on my skin and I thought it may mean I was going through “the change” early.

Night sweats can be a sign of something more serious, so getting checked out is a good idea.

Prevention or Going With It

My first experience was when I played a late night soccer game. That night I woke up from a surge of heat.

A couple of other, even younger, woman had the same experience.

We decided exercise induced it, and nothing else.

We had two options; Try to have the games scheduled earlier, or to roll with it.

On late game nights I placed an extra night shirt close by. Then I prepared mentally to get up to cool down.

Deterrent of Unhealthy Behavior

Whenever I am about to indulge in items with processed sugar, or have a bonus glass of wine, I make a conscious choice.

I know the likelihood of waking up overheated is strong.

I ask myself this; “Is the benefit of eating or drinking this sweat inducing stuff worth the cost of a good night sleep?”

Sometimes the answer is yes. I really want the tasty treat, or I am enjoying the social aspect of participating in consuming the yumminess.

Other times it is; “Nope, not today!”.

Training can be another check to use. “Will this impact my training tomorrow and is it worth it?” Cheers!!

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