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Visions Of The Future

Visions Of What Could Be

Dancing visions in your head of what the future could be.

Is creating a vision of what you would like to be a smart way to live?

This is a difficult thing to answer.

On one side there is the idea of living in reality and being comfortable with where you are at.

There is power in accepting and loving yourself as is.

Yet, there is also power wanting to improve and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Two Good Options

In a way you have two good options to choose from.

It is possible to do both, I would think.

Finding ways to love and be comfortable with where you are in life, but still wanting to improve sounds like the best of both options.

Each way of being can be a great way of living.

Being content isn’t a bad thing.

Feelings of joy and happiness can come from contentedness.

Excitement and feelings of growth can come from working towards improving yourself.

Just like exercising, or training for an event works better in stages, so might life.

A piece of mind can come from not being so strict about how life “should” be lived.

When you feel an abundance of energy, maybe it’s time to consider adding or learning something new.

Feeling run down and tired?

Spend a little time taking stock of what works for you and enjoying the comfort that exist in your life.

Is today a day to get comfort from the familiar, or to try something new in training? Cheers!

Yes, I want online training!

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