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Twenty Eight Minutes to a Younger Heart

Younger Heart in Twenty Eight…Let’s Go

Twenty eight minutes seems like a reasonable amount of time to add a little youth to your heart, doesn’t it?

If you want to add a little extra on a high intensity interval day, try this program out. It is pretty intense and you will need 28 minutes plus warm up and cool down time.

It is a simple 4×4 interval like the Norwegian cross-country ski team uses (the one that won all those gold medals during the Winter Olympics). You may have heard about it or done it before if you are involved in training for running, cycling, or swimming.

If you want you can watch this video to learn more. Enjoy the Norwegian accent!

What Does it Do For Your Heart

A study published in January showed that middle aged adults who participated in a two year exercise training, including the 4×4 interval training program, improved their “maximal oxygen uptake and decreased cardiac stiffness”.

As part of Virtual Personal Training (VPT) programming each week you are given two interval days and one active recovery or longer endurance day.

You should be more than ready to take on this program. We have already included “Fartlek” (speed play) 30/20/10 intervals. Those are something I personally find real user friendly.

Improving Race Time

Oxygen uptake and a better functioning heart may help improve your race times, if that is important to you.

That is one reason we included the interval days in the first place.

We knew that you may want to be ready to take on other challenges. Doing so with a body that process oxygen well will make it easier.

Easier in the sense that you will not be distracted by your body saying “no we are done here”. You may still have two left feet at first, but that learning curve is faster won.

We already have an interval program set for you today, but if you have the time, try the 4×4 program during your training session.

You know… For fun!!

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