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True Value of Sleep

Do you know what I learned today?

A little something about the value of getting enough sleep.

I can summarize my lesson in a quick li’l equation:

iPhone + Washing Machine != A good thing

So, here’s what happened.

I decided I needed to do my laundry this morning.

Not a big deal, perhaps.

But in my case there’s a correlation between laundry need and ability to go outside.

If I want to wear clean clothes.

So, I threw my clothes, including what I wore yesterday, in the washing machine.

Then I went to work[1] for an hour, while waiting for the washer to do its thing.

Since I needed to prepare for a few meetings tomorrow, I stayed on top of my laundry chores! (This is where you could pet me and say “Good Thomas”!)

Next thing, the little vignette chimed. It lets me know the wash was over. I ran over and moved my clothes to the dryer.

Started it and almost immediately heard a noise I didn’t expect.

It sounded like I had thrown in my shoes as well.

The good news was that I wasn’t trying to wash and dry my shoes.

Instead, I found my phone.

It was very clean.

And 100% not functional.

In a desperate bid to try and get it working, I emerged it in rice (helps pull the moisture out of the device).

Since I’m in the middle of a number of meetings and business deals with Christine abroad for the week, having no phone right now is more than an inconvenience.

So I had to spend my day getting a new phone. Then restoring my old phone backup.

It’s been great…

What does this have to do with training?

Very little.

Maybe it was why I was so tired this morning? Too tired to check the pockets of my training pants.

It’s been an expensive mistake.

And an important lesson I doubt I’ll forget anytime soon;

Always check your pockets before you load your clothes in the washer!

Now, head on over to your gym.

Oh, and the true value of sleep (for me, today)?

More than 700 USD.

Like I said, it was an expensive lesson to learn!

[1] – The banner photo on this post is “my office”. It’s literally less than 10 seconds away from my bed. And 5 seconds from the breakfast table…

Enjoy your training and try not to work so hard you make the same mistake I just did!

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