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Training Is A Privilege

The Privilege of Training

Do you feel that it is a privilege to train?

Even though I enjoyed gym class, growing up there were certain activities which I did not enjoy.

Running did not, and does not come easy to me. I understand pace a lot better now and know how to make running not suck as much.

In high school, when we had to run a nine minute mile as part of our fitness test, I always sucked wind.

You know that burning sensation in your lungs that leaves you hacking up imaginary fur balls. 

Every semester we had to do it and I felt like it was torture (Ed: I like running and that still sounds like torture!)

Humble Pie

What I wish had happened was a shift in perspective.

To stop thinking how bad I am at running, and instead think about how lucky I am that I can run.

It never occured to me that being able to run was a privilege.

If I had then, maybe I would have been pleased to be running and not so worried about how fast I ran it.

Yes, it was a test, but what were they going to do..? Not let me run?!?

No, what they did is tell me I needed to run faster, that I was not healthy.

I blamed my slow speed on being short, not on a lack of fitness.

Training was not on my mind back then.

We practiced. That is what we called it.


A question I heard all the time is “Are you going to practice”.

Whatever activity you were involved with, you practiced. From a musical instrument to the soccer team.

I like the word practice better than training. Practice implies your goal is to improve.

Training sounds like it’s serious work.

Being able to practice, or train, is something that it is easy to take for granted.

Not realizing that for many people it is not possible. For many reasons.

Even if you get to do only a little, be thankful that you can.

Head out to practice today with a purpose of being your best! Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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