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Time In The Morning

Morning Time

Morning can be a time of stress, if you let it. How can a morning routine – or a ritual – help ease you into your day, instead of leaving you longing for bed?

Deciding the night before how your morning is going to look can help suck some of the stress right out of it.

After starting my new job I found myself highly stressed in the mornings.

I did not have a morning commute. Unless you count rolling out of bed and walking to stand at my desk in the living room a commute.

What I did have to do is get up earlier and go toe to toe mentally with people who were experiencing life at 2pm, not 6am like me.

I could tell the difference in being able to process information and act quickly.

Slow is Quick

What I finally came to the conclusion of after, a little while, is that slow is quick.

I can not pretend to be going full force when my mind is still trying to figure out what my body needs to do, in order to get going.

Doing a few body activation movements, just like getting ready to workout, helps ramp up my mind for activity.

Having a small meal also sends a signal that it is time to wake up and get thinking.

Taking deep breaths when reading “urgent” mails, mails that require me to move along a message to someone who will be leaving the office shortly, helps me slow down to craft that message.


When I first started this schedule of early working, I drank coffee.

I thought it would give me an edge. Drinking it so early seemed safe. At least when it comes to being able to sleep at bedtime.

What I found is that my anxiety skyrocketed.

Instead I am trying calming tea. A tea I would normally drink at night to chill before bed.

So far it seems to be helping out.

What morning routine do you like to do?

Enjoy getting in some training today. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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