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Thursday Blues, Saturday Fun

Thursday Blues

Thursday used to be one of my favorite days. 

A day before the last day before the weekend.

Then I stopped doing work that really had “weekends”.

Now that I am back in the weekly, working saddle, Thursday is my “I am soooo tired” day.

Even after three months of working a 7-5 job. 

I am still exhausted by Thursday. 

Maybe I should tally that up. Ummm, that is 40 hours by Thursday.

No wonder I am ready for the weekend a day early!

I have the blues. The poor me, I work too much, blues.

Take Back My Week

I am contracted to work a minimum of 37 hours a week, or as busy time require.

Busy time… It seems to be all the time!

There are inefficiencies that can be worked on in processes and systems.

Those that I can control, and those that I cannot control.

Part of my blues is not having the feeling of time and space to step back and get a perspective.

Being able to see clearly how it all works together and in what areas things can work better.

Saturday Fun

My hiking buddy is going to do a Urban hike with me in the town of Golden, CO this Saturday.

I have a cousin who lives there but I have never walked around.

It will be nice to hang out and explore a new town, and sample a little beer.

Golden is the home of Coors beer and many other micro-breweries.

Not that beer is my big love, but do I enjoy a taste.

Just thinking about that lets me breathe deeper.

What gives you space to breathe a little deeper? Do you feel the need to step back and gain perspective?

Do a little training today, to make tomorrow a bit better. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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