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Telling It Like It Is Closes Down Communication

Telling It Like It Is

It is so easy to slip into “Telling it like it is” instead of listening and learning.

Having grown up in a school system where the teacher is an expert who was not to be questioned, it is challenging not to feel that in order to be taken seriously, you need to be a teller of things too.

A teller of things is a lecturer. A person who can come off as if they know it all.

Lecturing is an isolating act.

As a student I rarely felt engaged in school. Feeling seen or understood were not part of my interactions with most adults while growing up.

Listening, and soaking up their knowledge is how I thought getting smarter happened.

Opening My Mind

These past few years of studying coaching and working with people who want a little guidance has been full of “telling it” pitfalls.

Everyday I find my expert hat magically appearing on my head to my great disappointment.

It feels like I am being helpful on one hand, then I feel the person I am speaking with pulling away.

The blinders come down and the judgement of self and me start coming forward.

In everyday conversations finding a way to listening and then ask questions can create a more connected conversation.

How would it have felt to ask my teachers questions that challenged them and helped them to think as well?

Not out of being a “smart a**” but out of genuine curiosity.

Curiosity Be My Guide

The key to being a guide to others is being curious and asking questions.

Not listening so I can provide a solution.

Listening so I can ask a question. A question that may help the person I am speaking with find their own answers.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, the average person typically knows what to do.

It seems to be more about figuring out how to apply it to their own situation they need help with.

Do you feel more connected when being curious and asking questions, or by being “the expert” in a conversation? Why do you think that is?

What will make your training session a good one? Cheers!!

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