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Teeth Grinding, Possible Sign of Stress

Teeth Grinding A Sign of Stress?

Do you grind your teeth, or know someone who does? I am aware of teeth grinding because my mother did it for a time.

She used a mouth guard to protect her teeth at night. She ground her teeth at night. Some people grind their teeth during the day.

I find, in stressful times, that I notice holding my jaw closed tight. It alerts me that my stress level is at a point where I need to pay extra attention.

There are other reasons people grind their teeth. I am going to be focusing on the stress factor for today’s note.

What to Look For

How will you know if you are grinding your teeth?

Like I mentioned above, a sudden realization that you are clenching your teeth can be a clue you might be grinding your teeth.

A migraine headache can be the result of teeth grinding.

Short term lock jaw is a more concerning sign. This is when your jaw has been under tension so long that the muscle spasms and cramps, just like when you get a calf cramp.

The last two signs of teeth grinding should be looked at by your doctor. It could be a sign of other things gong on that need some more in-depth analysis.

Simple Things to Try

A simple thing to try is to find ways of managing and removing stress from your life.

For instance with my mom, she was driving long distances in heavy traffic to and from work.

This “short-term” stress became more chronic because it reoccured over and over again.

Once she got a position closer to home that she enjoyed more, her teeth grinding got better.

The teeth guard was provided by her dentist, who noticed the grinding on her teeth.  It was a protective measure, not a solution.

Our bodies have different ways of communicating that a change is needed.

Is your body expressing a need?  Does your life allow for a change, or is there a way to manage stress more effectively?

Training can be great way to manage stress. Cheers!!

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