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Taking A Little Step Turns Into A Lot

Turning a Little Into A Lot

Sometimes I wonder how one little thing can make that big of a difference.

Can doing 5 to 10 to 15 push ups once a day, twice a day, then three times a day make difference in your upper body strength?

After you have worked your way up to 15 push ups, three times a day, you know you are stronger than one set of 5 push ups a day.

The idea of doing 15 push ups three times a day right now may seem like asking to jump over the moon.

Breaking it down and finding a path of manageable chunks can turn a little into a lot.

One More Veg is Better Than One Less Veg

Is eating one more serving of vegetables going to make you look like a new person?

Probably not.

Can it help you to eat better and feel better? Yes it can.

Even if it seems like a placebo effect, it is helping.

For most of us, eating another serving of veggies is a good thing.

More veggies equals more nutrients that we need to function well.

Veggies also have fiber which helps us digest food better.

Do you have to have a salad replace a meal in order to get enough veggies?

If that does not work for you, then no.

Adding a carrot, peppers, celery, cauliflower, or cucumber, to any meal or a snack, is quick simple way to get one more serving in.

Learning Just One More Thing

Are you one of those people who adds one new word to your vocabulary a day?

Using your new word throughout your day so you get to really know it.

Instead of a word, maybe it is learning new tasks, or a process.

Picking up one more link in the chain will lead you to knowing all the links down the road.

Shake of the overwhelm of the journey by only looking at the next step.

in which ways have you been able to make a little into a lot?

Each day we train, we get a little stronger, quicker, and sharper.

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