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Take Away or Add On to Improve Fitness

When to Take Away

As you get further along your path of fitness you may find a need to take away from your training choices.

You may be wanting to add something else, or what you’re doing is simply not working for you.

How do you know?

Measuring performance, body markers, pain levels, or injuries are ways to know if your current program and activities are working for you. Are they giving you the results that you are looking for?

At my highest level fitness I was in the most pain. My left shoulder hurt all the time. The same for my right hip, which kept making this odd popping sound and causing spikes of pain now and then.

Looking at me then, you may have thought I was the picture of health. I felt confident and I liked the way I looked.

But at what cost?


Since that time, a little over three years ago, I feel like I have reset.

I no longer feel pain, and no longer have elevated stress from obsessing about what, when, and how I eat.

Yet the results are not what I hope for either. I do not fit in clothes I would like to, and feel a little uncomfortable doing the activities I prefer to do.

A piece of clothing I want to fit in is a traditional costume worn on the 17th of May in Norway (National day celebration). I inherited it from my grandmother. It fits a bit too snug and alterations are not an option.

I can still run and do parkour, but I feel my movements are not as quick and smooth as I would like.

I am real happy to not to feel pain or anticipate feeling pain anymore.

Learn and Add In

I now have the opportunity to look back and see what worked in the past.

I can add those things in and be assured that the problems that came with my higher degree of fitness last time will be avoided.

How about you? What lessons can you apply, and what works for you?

What would you take away, or add, to get and keep the results you want?

Choose getting and keeping fit by training today. Cheers!

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