Settling in For the Long Haul


Settling For Not Settling

Settling in for the long haul does not mean becoming complacent.

It means that you settle on not settling.

If you do not want to settle, you can for instance go really hard at running and in a handful of years, your body won’t let you continue running.

How to not settle? Ignoring your body when tells it is not happy with the way you are training.

When your recovery choices do not let you continue to do the activities you enjoy doing.

How does being competitive add to this drive, lack of recovery, and long term damage?

If you are worried about how well you are going to place, and not how well and for how long you can perform it, then you will be more willing to cut corners.

One Time Too Many

I remember doing a half marathon and how that felt afterwards.

Even with months of training building up to the race, it did not feel great on my body.

5K’s were fun but I’m not built for speed.

I did not want to focus on getting faster.

I settled on 10K’s. I was thinking that those were my sweet spot.

Not so short that you felt you had to always run faster, and not too long so my body rebelled.

The training was more doable in a regular life, and recovery was better.

It has been awhile since I ran regularly and I do miss it.

What I do not miss is the “I have to!”.

Running on my own had its good moments, but sometimes felt like a big chore and a checkmark, instead of fun activity.

I enjoyed training with other people so much more.

The social side of things made the time fly by sooo fast.

Find What Keeps You Going

Over the years as you are exposed to different forms of training, you find different movements that feel better for you.

Those are the things to put in your repertoire of daily movement.

Simple ways to get your circulation moving.

To keep up lubricating your joints and your range of motion.

All the things that can make your life better, or worse, as you age.

Think back to what you have done over the years and make mental list of all the things that made you feel better.

Any movements that did not seem to wear you down.

Chew on those thoughts during your training breaks today, if you like. Cheers!!

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Figure it Out With a Little Test

figure-Flickr user redjar [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Figure out what needs improving with a little test.

Wondering what to do next?

What might be a challenge that will get you motivated to keep improving?

Maybe doing a little test will give you the data to figure out what will be that challenge.

On Friday you get to do a progress test, but maybe you have something different you specifically want to test.

Consider adding that to Friday, or maybe on Saturday.

More is not always better. Sometimes it is faster, or sometimes is is slower.

Maybe it is doing a handstand because you want to measure your shoulder and core strength.

Some many possibilities.

All About You

This little test will be all about you.

Made for you, by you.

Be creative and apply a little thinking.

Consider writing down some notes one day and coming back to those notes the next.

Does that measurement, or goal, still work for you the next day?

If it does, then start to devise a way to test for it.

Have fun and remember, there is no failure or not being good enough.

We are simply looking for places and ways to improve.

To do that you need to find a bit of what isn’t working, and some of what is.

Give it a try during or after training today. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

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Loosening Up After A Steady Work Day

loosening-lululemon athletica [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Loosening Up

Loosening up after a long steady work day does not mean trowing back a couple of beers…

Instead, I’m referring to moving around with purpose.

Even if you trained in the morning, when you have a tasks during the day that require extended periods of stagnant work, consider moving around a bit.

Each day I turn off my work computer, I feel wiped out.

All I want to do is have a nice meal and chill out.

When I do loosen up a bit, I can feel the clicking and hear the popping of joints and ligaments getting back into place.

Twisted Pose

Do you find yourself, during different moments of the day, coming back into your body and wonder why you are holding a certain pose?

I know I take on this one arm hunch. My left shoulder rolls forward and I hunch down, twisting to the the right.

It is almost as if I am folding in on myself.

To correct it in the moment, I sit up straight and roll my shoulders back.

At the end of the day I still feel tightness in my neck and shoulders.

Bend A Little

Adding a little post work active joint rotation might do the trick.

I do not mind doing them, it does not take long to do, and it feels good.

That will be my plan.

What do you do to shake off the workday?

Find a way to train today. Cheers!!

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Practice Movement To Keep Moving

moving-Ben Sutherland [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Moving Practice

Practicing movement can be what helps keep you moving.

I saw a great video of a group of seniors in China who meet outside to practice movement.

This group were doing calisthenics and gymnastics way into their 70’s.

Not just touching toes, but doing splits. It was amazing and bizarre to watch.

The strength they exhibited, along with flexibility was very unexpected.

It gave me hope that even if I never reach that level there is the possibility to be amazing.

Start off Small

Small in this case means pushing you to your limits, where you are at.

Not measuring your ability against anything outside yourself.

Finding inspiration, like the Chinese seniors, is a great way to be motivated as long as expectations are kept in check.

I know that most likely I will never be as flexible and strong as the people I saw, but I will be the most that I can be.

Why do I think it is important..?

Because it will help with balance and staying mobile for a long time.

Mobility and Longevity

Watching my parents navigate the world, I see how important it is to have confidence in moving through an environment.

How you experience life can shift to be more cautious just through your movement style.

Confidence in movement can help you stay connected to that feeling of confidence.

Which can allow you to advocate for yourself in situations you come against.

In what ways do you find mobility, flexibility, and strength enhance your life?

Will you training today give you a boost of confidence?

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Wake Up With One Eye Open?

Wake - Pavel Ševela [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Wake Up With Movement

When you roll out of bed, but really just want to roll back in, what do you do to wake up?

I used to get in the shower as soon as possible.

It may been brutal, but it worked.

Of course, the shower ended up being long and scorching.

Anything to avoid feeling cold.

I have been doing some joint movement exercises this past week and it feels good.

Then I jump in the shower, so I feel put together and grown up.

Jump in or Ease In?

Jumping into the day was a shower, easing in has been about moving.

Either way I keep the lights low and the sound to a minimum.

Maybe I need to throw on the lights and turn up a song and get going.

For me that feels like an invasion.

It does not feel like I am getting a jump-start to my day.

More like a shot out of a canon!

You Pick

There is not one “right way” to approach how to begin a day.

People who are sensitive to the world around may need a softer start.

People who need to create their own stimulation may need that extra “I am alive”. Take charge by turning on all the lights, and the radio.

Hopefully the people we live with can find neutral ground where we all get a bit of what we need.

How do you like to start your day?

Have you ever changed it up?

Train a little in the am to see if that wakes you up. Cheers!!

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Value Of A Great Training Session – Throwback Friday!

throwback-Luckyz [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons

Great Value in Good Training – Throwback Friday

I have been reading old posts, and thought I would share this one in our first, and maybe only, throwback Friday post.

A good workout can leave you feeling pretty darn amazing. “Ain’t nothing’s going to break my stride. Nobody going to slow me down. I’ve got to keep on moving.”  This 80’s throw back says it all.

We were built for moving. Long walks trekking and foraging for our food. Evolving to farming and manufacturing, then onto sitting at work but being active at home. Now we move because we have to.

We are good at tiring out our brains but not our bodies.

If you are lucky and have a job that allows you to move through out the day you might feel you got it going on regularly. 

We love our computers, but they keep us sitting and staring for an unhealthy amount of time. You may have seen that standing desks, bike desks, or pedal desks are starting to be more mainstream. All to keep us physically and mentally healthy. Prove it?

Antidotal proof of why it benefits us to keep physically active and crush a workout now and then. Is the high of wellbeing we experience post crushed workout. The high that makes the rest of your day seem like a stroll in the park. Your more witty, more present, solutions at the ready, and more smiley. Yap, people like you because you like you. 

You kicked butt in the gym, on the track, in the woods, or in the water. You pushed yourself and executed your best to date. Your brain can do the same. It’s got enough confidence, blood flow, and alertness to take on the tough stuff. 

Jump in an do a little dance during training today. Cheers

Dance music…

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Abdominal Strength Rules

abdominal-Luca Boldrini [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We cannot stress the importance of abdominal strength enough.

If you have ever had to sit out during an injury, or surgery to your abdominal area… You know how it impacts your whole body.

What once seemed easy is laughably hard.

It also seems to impact your overall work capacity. You get tired more quickly whenever your body tries to compensate for a weak core.

There are some exercises that focus a little more on your core muscles, but really are full body.

For instance a plank works your glutes, shoulders, quads, back…pretty much your whole body.

Yet, many experts refer to it as a core exercise.

Doing a “core exercise” that really uses your whole body in concert has its benefits.

Your core is a stabilizer when the rest of your body is moving. It is where your center of gravity resides after all. For men, it’s along the waist and for women, around the hips.

Having strength and control in your core opens up a whole other level of movement possibilities.

More advanced body weight movements that can help with agility, flexibility, and mobility.

If you experience an exercise as being too hard, it may be leaving your core muscles too relaxed.

Try and brace your core by taking a deep breath and squeeze out all the air.

Hopefully you can sense what “braced” feels like.

Or you can always imagine being punched in the stomach…

Yeah, that’s the feeling.

Practicing bracing is working your core muscles. Bracing while moving is the secret sauce.

Brace yourself as you train today. Cheers!!

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Sport For Fun, or Sport For Competition

sport-Pierre-Yves Beaudouin [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Sport Is Sport, Right?

When you think of a sport do you think of it at being competitive?

This past weekend, Parkour went going through some growing pains.

An organization called International Gymnastics Federation (FIG, ’cause; “French”) voted to adopt and include Parkour as part of the sport(s) they offer.

Which to me is fascinating because my experience of Parkour has very little to do with competition.

It is about pushing yourself, supporting others, and having fun.

Granted, Parkour at the gym Thomas goes to in Colorado focuses more on competition.

They have time trial classes. The point of a “Time trials” class is to run through a course as fast as you can.

Hopefully using the skills you have learned.

There is also a competition for athletes from around the world to qualify for the somewhat classical American version of “world” championships.

This is not so much fun for me, and there seems to be more of a focus on the individual and less on community.

Sport As Fun

I can be competitive, but it is usually with myself and less with others.

Seeing if I can do something. Something I think is a bit scary, or just out of my reach, skill wise, is fun!

Working with others to accomplish a goal is fun.

Trying to run as fast as I can through a course, is not so much fun.

I find this to be stressful.

I have enough of that in my life.

Learning to build skills through exploration is fun.

Half the time you are not aware of the skill building, you are just having a good time.

Repeating something without a purpose besides doing it is not so much fun.

If you look at lifting weights as doing it to lift the weight, that gets old fast.

Imagining that you are saving your family, by lifting a car, makes it a little more interesting.

Sport For Competition

When I played soccer I enjoyed competing. 

Winning was great, but connecting with teammates and make good plays, that was the best.

If we lost it did not matter.

Coming in first was never my goal.

Playing well gave us a better chance of winning, depending on our performance that game.

Competition brings out a side of myself that makes me uncomfortable.

I experience more emotions of aggression and defiance.

Sport for fun is much more my speed.

What kind of sport do you enjoy more? Why is that?

Now, go train so you can lift a few cars. Cheers!!

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Absorbing Inspiration

Absorbing Inspiration

Absorbing Your Surroundings

To keep inspired, try absorbing inspiration from your surroundings.

Inspiration can come from observing someone you admire. 

Maybe you saw something you would like to try.

Somethings things have a natural next step. A step you can take.

When Thomas and I took the leap to doing Parkour, we were also exposed to a climbing community.

We had gone indoor climbing once, a couple of years back, but had not been since.

The gym in Boston where we had an opportunity to try climbing again was huge.

It was three times the size of the other on we had played in.

Try It

Part of this new gym experience was participating in a Saturday event called the “Savage games”.

We got to try Ninja type games of obstacles, climbing, parkour, plus strength and conditioning games.

We would bring these games and ideas back to our own gym and share what we could.

Take the opportunity to Bridge the gap between what we knew of training, while adding a little novelty and fun for our clients.

Pull From Your Surroundings

You can pull from your surroundings on the fly.

If you see a bench you want to jump over, jump over it.

Out for a run and see a trail that looks interesting? See where it goes!

Try running on snow as an unstable surface. 

What does that do for your training?

My guess is that your stabilizing muscles get more of a workout.

Keep yourself safe, but look around and take the skills you have in movement. Try to apply those skills in a different way.

Are you awesome at planking? Can you do a l-sit hanging from the monkey bars at the local park?

Up your game just a little and get inspired to move more.

Train for the fun of it. Cheers!!

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Doing A Little Can Lead To A Lot

lead Waldir [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Lead To A Lot

Doing a little can lead to a lot. 

Every little choice you make is a step towards an outcome.

Say you want to get a good nights sleep.

Research and make a plan, then add steps that will lead you to bed at a logical hour, create a relaxed mind and allow you to sleep for as long as possible.

Do you want to lose a pound or two.

Think about a step you can take every day, at each meal, that will let you keep moving towards leaning out.

Is flexibility something you feel a need to improve, to make tying your shoes easier

What is one movement you can do right after you wake up, and right before you go to bed, that will help you nudge a bit closer to easier shoe-tying?

Little Picture

Seeing the big picture, the final outcome, all the time can make it hard to take steps to get there.

Finding the first steps that you can do and start adopting those steps to your daily life will get you further than dreaming big.

Some of my favorite stories are people who started walking, then running to get into better shape.

At first I walked up and down my street. Slowly, over time, I started to run off and on. Then I started to run regularly and now I am doing a 5K.

A lot of different people

Their intention was to move, and to keep improving.

They did not think of the 5K on that first day. Nor did they think of the long journey ahead to get there.

Can I make it to the end of the block and back today?

By the end of the week, will it feel easier?

Big Dreams

Big dreams can be helpful sometimes. 

Usually when you think it may be some realism to making it happen.

A friend of mine wanted to do a triathlon. 

She was a strong swimmer, but not a biker, or runner.

We started off real slow.

I got loads of questions.

“Will we really be ready for this, going at this pace?”

My question to her was; “Do you want to enter the race and finish the race?”

Her answer was yes.

Speed was not our goal. Endurance and duration was.

All we had to do is keep adding on.

We finished, which was fantastic.

Next time we did it a little faster.

Regardless of your goal, find the first little doable step and then take it.

See where that leads you.

Training is a step to a little bit of a fitter day. Cheers!!

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