Inspiration From Frustration


Fruits of Frustration

Have you ever felt frustration from thinking you could do, or contribute, more?

Sometimes when you get bored, or demotivated, it could be because of your frustration with how things are done.

I have lived with someone who is always looking to improve systems, for more than twenty years.

When you have an idea that you believe will make life better and no one listens, it can be very demotivating.

One idea for how to cope is to plant seeds of inspiration in those around you.

Find people who will talk about and advocate for your idea.

Slowly, over time, an “out there” idea might get some backing from people who can actually make it happen.

Find Your Friends

Gathering people who share your frustration, or have some of their own, can help to spark creativity.

How can your experiences come together and support each other.

Maybe you have tried to solve things one way, and they another.

Combined the solutions are even better.

Being open to other people’s ideas, while nurturing your own can be tricky. I find this to be more true if the ideas are really different from “normal”.

Compromising your way out of your idea is not a good plan either.

Finding commonalities that you both can build on may lead to something different. Maybe better…

Instead of giving up or getting complacent, try to harness the creativity that can be born from frustration.

While you train, think about it? Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

Mental Tank Is Reading Empty


Tank On Empty

It has been a long classic Monday and my mental tank is on empty.

I have been trying to find the inspiration to write a motivational post.

Checked out Facebook to see if anything would trigger a thought.

Did not happen.

Read a couple of pages of a book about thought change that a friend gave me over the weekend.

Nothing came up.

Talked with Thomas on the phone a little, after he told me he was heading home.

He suggested writing about the struggle it is to find motivation when you feel you have nothing left.


Honestly, I am not the best person to provide motivation to you today.

I can let you know that regardless of how you feel, getting something done that you feel needs to be done, it feels good.

It sure feels better to get it done than it does to do the mindless things you would “likel to do instead.

Like watch TV, read a little fiction, or take a nap.

This is the grind and the need to keep moving so the inspiration might happen.

I find I tend to re-evaluate life and proprieties in these moments too.

Asking questions like what do I really want out of life?

A Good Night of Sleep

I am looking forward to a good night of sleep, now that I feel like I know a little more of what lies ahead tomorrow.

Knowing that slowing down is a good thing.

It means you see more. You can evaluate what is important and necessary to act on, instead of just acting.

Fast is not always better.

Efficiency can come through effectiveness.

Which beats reaction time and speed.

Thank you for bearing with me today.

I hope you find effective ways to make it through the grind and find your motivation.

Training is a one way to connect with what matters… For you and your priorities. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

More about Motivation

Not Motivated? Fitness Journey detour possible

I’m still not feeling the motivation…

But I realized something the other day. It was on Saturday, I think. As we were getting ready to go down to Cressey Performance for an Elite Training Workshop, it hit me. My motivation level right now is pretty tied to how messy my life feels.

Which gave me my “step 1” to recovery;

Get Motivated by cleaning up my life…

Yeah, literally.

I’m getting a big-ass container this week and will start filling it with the crap in and around my office space in the basement. That’s where I’m starting.

Next is the house at large.

You wouldn’t think two people who like clean, neat, lines and fairly minimal designs would save a bunch of stuff. You’d be wrong. We’re not hoarders. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But we (I) frequently “forget” to throw stuff I haven’t used for the past few (couple) of months out. I mean, fine, a “couple of months” is probably too harsh of a get-rid-of-it frequency.

The point is that I’ve got stuff I haven’t touched or thought about in years. Just hanging out in a space I rarely use. For no good reason, other than that I’m too lazy to take it to the dump.

That’s stupid.

And doesn’t help my motivation level.

Not at all!

What then?

Then I’m going to clean out my Inbox and get rid of a bunch of e-mail subscriptions. There’s no point to being a “member” of distribution lists you just either leave in your inbox (because your mail server doesn’t complain about lack of free space) or distribution lists you’d like to read but haven’t touched in months. So, I’m getting rid of them.

Action versus words

And, for once, I’m thinking it’s not going to take me month to plan the “how” and “what”. I’m calling them tomorrow morning!

Once it’s all clean and tidy, we’ll see where I’m at in terms of that motivation thing!