Joint Health Keeps You Moving

joint health keeps you moving

Joint Health a Key to Movement Longevity

Thomas and I were discussing landing positions after a big jump this morning over breakfast.

We got into the weeds with techniques used in Parkour to land safely repetitively.

Thomas had observed a number of newer practitioners at the gym who were practicing longer jumps at ground level.

He noticed that as they landed they relaxed too much into the landing. Their knees would collapse and they would looses tension in there heels.

Instead of absorbing, they were thumping into the ground.

Our breakfast discussion was about the importance of absorbing a jump and how to coach it.

What We’ve Learned

We have learned through experience that joint injuries take a long time to heal. To prevent this, learn efficient movement patterns and techniques to tip the odds in your favor.

In a lot of sports there is running and jumping, so practicing how to land in a bio-mechanically sound way can be carried over regardless of the activity.

If you have ever hyperextended a joint, you know that it hurts a heck of a lot. When you twist an ankle it’s often hyperextended.

One way to prevent this from happening is to not relax your feet completely.

Since most people run I will use that as an example.

Flopping vs. Striking

When we run we do not flop our feet around. We anticipate that we will be striking the ground.

Keeping a tension in the foot and landing on the balls of the feet then rolling towards the heel, to snap back up as we push off.

To push us forward there needs to be stored energy in the foot.

Think of a spring. A spring does not lose its shape. It extends and contracts but keeps the tension and thus holds its shape. It builds and expends energy.

Using the foot and ankle in this way can help you prevent hyperextending a joint.

Running up stairs or jumping to a rail? Keep the ankle tension as you roll up on an edge from the balls of your feet so you come to rest on the top of the stair or rail.

Not only do you keep your ankle safe, you have stored energy ready to propel you ahead.

During training consider experimenting with easing up or down on the tension. Cheers!

Feeling Worthy Comes From Within

feeling worthy
Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Worthy to Be

Feeling worthy is a powerful tool and it can help you prioritize what you value.

I have been thinking a bit about feeling worthy these past few days.

Early this week I came across the idea of not clinging to ideas, things, or circumstances. Leo Babauta shared this key idea of Buddhism in a blog post of his.

His post got me thinking about how I tend to cling to many stories I have about myself. How I present myself to the world. What I believe my relationships to be, including the one I have with myself.

His blog was about how to let go and not cling. As I practiced this idea, I felt a shift and glimpsed a path of freedom.

Just being alive is what makes one worthy. You are “not good enough” only if that is what you believe.

Meditation Reflection

During meditation I decided to try picking a word to repeat. I chose “worthy”.

It brought up many ideas and thoughts that I have about myself that are not truths, but beliefs.

The main one I have shared before; “not being good enough”. This feeds into my imposter syndrome.

Regardless of what I learn, practice, or the people I help I still feel that I will be discovered to be a fraud, at any moment.

In some ways this drives me to keep learning and improving. In other ways it stifles me and prevents me from reaching out and sharing.

Importance of Feeling Worthy

Feeling worthy can drive healthy behaviors. It is easier to make choices that will support health when there is a feeling of worth.

Valuing health can make it a priority and providing motivation to be active, eating nourishing foods, and practicing self-care.

Do you feel a sense of worth? If not, do you have a belief you are clinging to? Try to imagine not clinging to this belief… What does that make you feel?

Let your worth help you de-stress your life.

Last day of training before test day. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Lube Up Your Joints

lube up your joints
Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Keep Moving to Lube Up Your Joints

Aging can bring on joint stiffness and mobility restrictions. One way to “lube your joints up” is to adopt a morning and/or evening joint mobility routine.

It does not have to take a long time, 5-10 minutes.

Having both a short and longer routine to choose from can help on stressful days.

If you train in the am or pm, your program can count as one joint mobility session. Usually your warm up and/or cool down will include joint activation movements.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

How to incorporate something new into your daily routine? It depends on how structured your day is already.

I find that the more structured your day is, the easier it is to see slots or spaces where you can fit in something that is a priority.

Less structured days can present an illusion of having time later on. It can set up procrastination targets. “Right now is not good, I’ll aim for doing at … time instead.”

Next thing you know, you are tired from chasing around tasks, or reacting to things that need to be done as they come up.

Stubbornness May Hold You Back

If you know you are a stubborn person (or kitty) who does not like to be directed or told what to do, even by yourself, then be prepared to meet resistance.

Whenever you ask yourself to change, your toddler self will emerge and start throwing fits and making excuses.

One way to combat this is to make a specific plan (time, alarm, and place) and bring awareness to moments where you notice you’re not doing the things you promised yourself.

Call your toddler out and take action!

Get ready for your test on Friday by kicking butt today in your training session. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Zeroing In On Your Grocery Store List

PxHere CCO Public Domain

Zeroing in Past the Temptations

Zeroing in on your grocery store list can be a little bit of a challenge when the store is set up to tempt you.

Brands create colorful logos and packaging that appeal to your tastes.

If you are more of an organic and GMO free shopper, have you noticed the amount of earthy colors used?

Earthy colors invoke feelings of connection to nature, which builds a positive rapport with you. It’s leading you to believe that what is in the package is good for you and real.

Reading labels to see if it has what you want, and can tolerate, is one way to double check.

A Trick to Stay on Your List

Thomas and I went to a Parkour Birthday party with one of our training buddies this past weekend. Turning 38 does not have to be a sophisticated meal or BBQ.

Beer, pizza, and moving for 2 to 3 hours is way more fun, even for us older buddies.

At the party I got to chatting with another partygoer. We were talking about being more introverted and reserved.

She told a story about getting through the grocery store on Saturdays by putting in one earbud, keeping her head down, and staying on her list.

It is a way she relieves the overwhelm. A side benefit is that it kept her on the list and cut down on side shopping.

She had mentioned how her husband had lost a few pounds and moved better after starting parkour. I asked if she was the one who shopped and cooked.

After her affirmation she relayed the story above.

Keeping Your Waist In Check

For them, maintaining their healthy waist line is helped by staying on their list, and avoiding buying spontaneous desired foods.

Plan in the treats you want, put them on the list. Or plan on a meal that you will gear out for to lightly indulge.

I thought her trick was clever for both us introverted folk, and for those of us easily distracted by pretty colors.

Keep your focus by following your training session program. Cheers!!

New Proteins Found During and After Movement

New Protein Buddies

A fresh study explores new “protein buddies”. These protein buddies are proteins with a very specific property; Your body will only release them as a result of exercise.

The study centers on a small group of eleven healthy men. The exercise they did during the study was an hour of stationary bike cycling.

Scientist drew blood from the femoral arteries of the test subjects. Blood withdrawals happened right after exercise, plus again after four hours of rest.

“Following a 1-hr bout of cycling exercise in healthy humans, we observed an increase in the circulation of over 300 proteins, with a notable enrichment of several classes of proteins that compose exosomes and small vesicles.”

Exosomes are best defined as extracellular vesicles that are released from cells upon fusion of an intermediate endocytic compartment, the multivesicular body (MVB), with the plasma membrane.”

Vesicles are a “small fluid-filled bladder, sac, cyst, or vacuole within the body.”

The researchers found that after four hours, these 300 proteins were no longer present in the body.

New World

Exercising releases proteins inside our bodies. The studied proteins seem to need movement in order to be released.

These protein vesicles have a tendency to make their way to the liver, then it is unknown what takes place.

Not moving does not allow this process to take place. What is the cost of not creating this internal reaction?

More Reason to Move It, Move It!

We already knew that exercise improved circulation, digestion, and results in muscle growth.

A whole lot of other things, including psychological and behavioral improvements.

These new protein buddies are another reason to get out and move!

To me, it seems like it would be common sense; Our internal systems need us to move so that certain biological reactions can happen.

Now, we have preliminary science suggests just that. It will be interesting to see the follow up studies. We expect to see more studies as a result. Both to confirm or disprove the original study, as well as studies to understand what these proteins do.

Get up and move your body. Have a great training session today. Cheers!

P.S. We’ve included the link to the study so you can enjoy a more in-depth and broad article.

Itty Bitty Mini Breaks

Itty Bitty Recharging Breaks

Itty bitty breaks can help you to recharge and get ready for what comes next. Going shopping is stress-inducing for me.

When I get home, I like to chill with a cup of tea for a few minutes.

How long does not seem to matter. It reminds me of breathing deep and trying to lower my heartrate between circuits.

Gearing up for the next round of tasks, or exercises, coming my way.

If I do not take that break, I find it hard to concentrate and I lose focus easy.

Shifting From One Thing to Another

Have a lot on your to do list? Hitting the pause button to shift your focus can help you get in to the zone.

You know the zone, right? That place where time is lost and reality is suspended.

I just finished reading “Ready Player One”. The lead character would get into situations where he would “get into the zone”.

His description was of how his world would be melting away. Then he would be able to be in each moment. No longer anticipating what was coming next, or reflecting on what had just happened.

It was the only way he could succeed at the task at hand.

In order to have the chance to do so, head space had to be cleared and intentions set.

How This Helps Stress

Clearing our head space and setting intentions helps us to manage stress. It does not make it magically go away, it just is no longer where your mind is focused.

As a self-proclaimed expert on stress recognition, I know what it is like to focus on stress and not on tasks.

The shift happens when you are no longer aware of how the stress feels. It goes away. Just like pain.

If you feel pain in one area and then create pain in another area, if the second pain is greater, then that is what you will feel.

How do you manage your stress when needing to shift focus?

Time to get your heart rate going…have a  heart-pounding training session. Cheers!!

Purpose of “Getting your Movement On”

Figuring out why you’re getting your movement on can help keep you motivated and prepare you for what is to come.

Purpose of Movement: Health or Sport

Movement and basic training
One purpose of basic movement training is to make sports doable.

Our focus at Bit Better Coaching (VPT) is to help you build the basic fitness to lead a healthy life. That means muscle strength, better oxygen uptake, flexibility, mobility, and body awareness.

Or, in other words, getting your movement on, with purpose.

Practicing consistently will give you a great base for doing other activities. It will also help you with your movement acts of daily living.

It comes down to freedom through movement. Maintaining your independence and gaining the confidence to try new things.

Sports Related Movement

Sports related movement is not always about health. It is about being good at the sport you are participating in.

Having a stable base of fitness, along with sound nutrition, will help keep you fit to do sports. Hopefully help prevent injuries too.

Quite a few sports have repetitive motions. You’re doing essentially the same movement, over and over again. Basic training like VPT helps you to balance out muscle imbalances and potential injuries because you were practicing your sport.

Practicing a sport and participating in events for fun, or to compete, is one sure way to find purpose for a maintaining a movement practice (i.e. “Getting Your Movement On” through sports).

It is important to not over-do sports activities when the goal is getting your movement on for health reasons. Obviously, you can improve your health through participating in sports activity. It is, however not always the case that a sports activity improves your health.


I’ve personally found it easy to lose focus on staying healthy and instead prioritize the sports related goals.

When I was running, I started from an idea that as a human, running is an important skill.

Then it became about being faster.

When longer distances started to create pain and discomfort in some of my joints, I did not listen and back off. I had a race to train for, and a finish time I wanted to make.

That choice did not improve my health, nor my performance.

Sports can enrich movement and create connections you may not have made otherwise.

Keeping health as an underlying focus may better enable your sports activities.

What sport/s do you like to do? How does basic training help you perform your sport/s?

We hope you have fun training up today, so you can sport tomorrow. Cheers!!

Ball of Stress, Do you Feel it?

Ball, Knot, Fist, Cramp of Stress Ball of stress is what I feel in the top part of my stomach sometimes. Is it a sign that I am not taking the best care of myself? Maybe. Or is it an indication of needing to add in a little extra self care that day… When I worked at previous job, I would have this ball of stress every day. It was not because the work was difficult, or the responsibility too great. Because of this, it made it difficult for me to identify what was going on. It was part of my new normal. Enlightenment During a visit with my doctor where we were investigating why my iron levels were too low once again, he suggested I get an upper endoscopy to see if there was bleeding. I thought it was worth checking out. We did not find bleeding, but we did find signs of reflux. There was inflammation and redness. We were both surprised since I had not reported any signs of reflux. That was when I made the connection to the ball of stress sensation. When I realized that I was physically doing myself harm because I was not facing what was going on at work, it was a wake up call. Notice and Name Thomas and I talked about it and it became pretty clear that I was having interpersonal problems. I felt powerless. I went to a therapist who helped me find a path to what I needed to do, in order to get better and take care of myself. For me, that was leaving the job and finding a new path. After some thought I found that helping people find health through fitness was a way to use my talents of empathy and moving well. Not that my stress ball left me completely, but now it shows up for better reasons. What does your body signal you when you are stressed? How do you view it? Hope you have a great training day. Cheers!… This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training...

This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

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This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

Will I Run a Race In The Spring?

Will I? vs. I will! Will yourself to do something. That was easy… Not! I have personally made quite a few declarative statements like; “I will go for a wake up walk every morning.” Guess what? I do not and then I feel bad. So, now I ask myself “Will I go for a wake up walk in the morning?”. Then I pull up my weather app and see what the morning temp will be. I have made an agreement with myself that if the temp is below freezing I will not go for a walk. Focus On Moving Do you find doing specific tasks challenging? If you know that your current training program has an exercise you do not care for, how do you react? Is it with dread and a little feet-stomping? What would happen if you changed it from a “I have to!” to “do I have to?”? Do you feel an internal shift in your gut? Does feet-stomping turn into thoughtfulness and consideration? For me, bringing out the curiosity and wonder of a situation helps me to get going. When I first started getting into the science behind training, it was experimentation that drove my behavior. What would happen if I followed this plan? That was interesting… Is this other plan the same, or different? Why? Not A Chore Anymore When I exercised only for my health, it was about getting the checkmark for the day, and progressing. This worked for me. I did not feel like I had to. I always asked myself a question; “Will I train today?” If I answered yes, I got ready to do so with intent, gear, and scheduling. What do you ask yourself to turn tasks into a choice, instead of a declaration? Hope you got what you wanted out of your training today. Cheers!! … This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training...

This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

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This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

One Thing At A Time

One is Powerful Number One idea too many. This morning I was struck by an amazing idea. Along with that one idea came pages and pages of notes. I did a mind dump of anything and everything that came to mind regarding this crazy amazing idea. Then I walked away and did a practical task. This is not the first idea I have had about a product or business. What my pattern has been is to think it all through, like I am living it, but never find the one thing I can do to start. All that does is leave me overwhelmed and stressed out. As the days go by and nothing happens because I ended up in the tar pit of my mind, I get sad and guilty. Feelings of not being good enough take place of the initial overwhelm and become my new focus. I know that tune all too well. One Action That is It This time I sat down with Thomas told him my idea’s and then he helped me to figure out what my barriers to making it happen were. From that I created one positive thing to make it real today. I already know what I will focus on tomorrow, and then I will plan my one thing for the next day. This maybe a slow way of getting something done, but it is better than my last approach. The approach of nothing but crickets. No feedback, no growth, no mistakes leading to solutions. A lot of nothing. I knew that I could manage one action towards creating this new idea each day. This new mindset has so far prevented the “you’re not good enough” demons from descending. Have you ever had a great idea that died on the vine? Did you successfully take an idea to reality, if so what was the best part about it? Something to muse over while you are training your fit self. Cheers!!… This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training...

This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

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This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training