Bird Food, Enough Food

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Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Bird Like Eating

Eating like a bird… Will that be enough food?

Today I experimented with eating less.

Eating just until I noticed I had eaten.

I was hungry more often, but that was OK.

Feeling a bit emotional lately is making me feel like I need a snack almost all the time.

Today I figured I would eat, but only until I felt food in my stomach.

That helped me “snack” a little and feel satisfied.

Too Much Sucks

Overeating comes with baggage I am not wanting right now.

Food tastes great and is entertaining while eating it, but eating past satisfaction triggers all kinds of emotions I am fine not feeling.

How is that working for me?

Today it worked out just fine.

Who knows if that will be what happens tomorrow.

I will start off that way, and see what happens.

What is your latest experiment? It does not have to be food related!

If you are in a good space and riding a wave, then cheers to that.

Experiments are great when things are no working the way you would like.

Train a little, eat a little, love a lot. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

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What Is Working 4 You?

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Take Stock of What’s Working

Let us make a list of what’s working for us.

If you got a piece of paper and pen, take about five minutes to write down all the things that are working on keeping you healthy and feeling great.

Tick, tock goes the clock.

Now look at the list and rate how consistently you do those things.

Consider using a 1 to 10 scale, using 10 as “all the time”.

Is there anyway that you could add on to the things that you are doing consistently?

Try making what works, work a little more.

More of Good Is Better

The goal of this exercise is to take away the stress of adding on something new.

Confidence comes when we do something well.

So let us use that confidence to get even more out of what is working well.

Do you have a good breakfast that gives you enough energy and nutrients?

Then keep doing that. Maybe add a little variety with ingredient adjustments.

Are you doing a great job of eating veggies with every meal?

If you are eating canned veggies, for just one mea, can you switch to fresh?

It takes a little planning because opening a can is a lot less work than washing and chopping.

Keep It Easy

We do not want to use too much time, or brain power, to make this happen.

It is about keeping it simple in planning and execution.

Give it a go, and see what you find out.

You can do the same for your training, if you like. Cheers!!

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Eating Super Foods, Feels Super

super-Gunawan Kartapranata [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons

Super-duper Foods

Eating super-duper foods made me feel pretty super…and craving a bit of dark chocolate.

Why is it that when we eat what we consider to be super foods, we feel mentally a little more together?

I had some salmon today, with a spinach salad on the side.

A lot of good brain food and I feel a bit fired up.

Is it all in my head? Considering I got done eating about an hour ago, yes it is.

Just like taking a sugar pill thinking it will make you feel better, so will good food… Until it really does.

Define Your Super

Everyone has their own tastes about what is good and good for you. 

Finding that balance between what you are interested in eating and what can nourish your body can be a challenge.

Sometimes soul food, is not good body building food.

I like Salmon, and I like Spinach. So that meal was tasty to me.

Tofu, and bean sprouts… Not my idea of very tempting. 

The only way I would probably eat tofu is if it was deep-fried and then, what is the point.

I would rather eat straight up soy beans, or any other beans instead of tofu.

Even though I spent time in Japan as a child, and ate at local restaurants, I never had tofu.

I had beef or chicken, I think…

What Food Turns On Your Bad-Ass Switch?

Find out which foods turn on your bad-ass switch. 

What makes you feel like your best self after you have eaten it? 

Consider making a bad-ass eating list. 

So those days, you just can seem to think you have a reference and can decide is it a bad-ass moment, or a soul food moment.

Name one food that makes you feel like a bad-ass?

Fuel up and train. Cheers!!

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Good Food, Good Meat, Let’s Eat!

meat-By Flixtey [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Let’s Eat Meat

Meat is another word for protein. 

There is meat-less meat and animal meat that are both sources of protein, and they are popular to consume.

I personally have a hard time with the idea of meatless meat. I’ll eat veggie protein that is a vegetable instead.

But, I if I am going to eat bacon, then I want to eat bacon.

I do know people who really like the meatless meat.

Is it healthier for you? I do not know.

Meatless meat is a very processed food source.

Eat beans for breakfast, or egg cups with veggies.

There are unprocessed options out there that will let you get a good amount of protein.

Lentils and garbanzo beans are good protein options too. Add in some veggies and spices, you’re good to go.

Bread Breakfast

Bread has also gotten a bad wrap. 

Yet, whole grain bread made at a local bakery can provide a nice mix of nutrients, and satiation.

It can be part of your main dish, or as a side to add fiber and filler.

Not feeling hungry after couple of hours is a good indicator that you had a hearty breakfast.

Unless you like to have a mid-morning snack. Then keeping breakfast smaller makes sense.

So a piece of bread with your favorite spread, like hummus with veggies, is a great option.

One of my favorites is poached egg, with avocado, on a piece of whole wheat sourdough.

Tasty and filling.

Back to It

Eating food that looks like food is part of what makes eating enjoyable to me.

I did not grow up eating a lot of processed food.

Do not get me wrong! I had baloney, with yellow mustard, iceberg lettuce on brown bread, with a side of frito’s for lunch now and then.

When I learned that baloney was basically a flat hot dog and hot dogs were the left over parts of pork, my love of baloney died.

Sometimes the things determining what we eat is what we have access to.

Thinking of food as what is available and on a sliding scale can let you choose the best of what is around you.

Perfection is not easily achievable, nor very desirable.

Doing a bit better is preferable. What choices are a bit better for you?

Enjoy your training session today. Cheers!!

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Food Tastes Better Together

tastes-By Debs (ò‿ó)♪ from Bellevue, WA, USA (Chicken Noodle) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tastes Better Together

Have you ever noticed that food sometimes tastes better when it is shared with people you care about?

The phrase breaking bread is an idea I have known since I was little. 

For me it means sharing a meal with loved ones, or people you want to get to know better.

Spending time with “family”,  your blood or who you choose, can be an interesting experiment in how food tastes.

Today I was over at my brothers watching my mother, brother, and sister-in-law make jam.

After the jam making show, we all sat down for some chicken noodle soup.

Right Meal, Right Time

Chicken noodle soup was the perfect meal for a sunny Sunday afternoon of football and home cooking.

It tasted amazing. Everything in the soup added to the flavor. 

Nothing was overcooked, or bland.

There was enough spice, and a little butter.

It reminded me of eating roasted chicken with carrots, and celery.

Instead of potatoes, we had saltine crackers.

The meal was mostly quiet. We had socialized through football watching and jam making.

Quiet can be comfortable when each of us is focused on the task at hand.

In this case, the task was eating a yummie meal.

Comparing Notes

When we spoke, it was mostly about how good the soup tasted.

We talked about making the soup. How it’s not really possible to make it exactly the same twice.

Today’s soup was the today soup, never to be duplicated again. In all it’s familiarity, it was a very a special soup.

Eating this soup on our own would not have been the same.

No notes compared, nor any contentedness shared.

I would not have been able to hear about how the carrots were grown in the backyard. Not about how, because of the frost, they were extra sweet.

Do you find that sharing a meal with those you call family highlights the food you are eating? If so, in what way?

Have a great start to your week of training. Cheers!!

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New Twist On A Once A Week Treat


Treat It Up

A “once a week treat” is taking on a new role in my world.

In the past I associated a treat with something sweet, fatty, and processed.

Something with low nutritive value, but high entertainment value.

With having to cut out caffeine in order to sleep and lower my anxiety, I find I miss the coffee and a the kick of energy it can give me.

I really miss good coffee.

Walking around Whole Foods yesterday, I saw that they have started carrying one of my favorite brands of coffee I came across in a coffee  house in Boston; Stumptown coffee.

I remembered the good times Thomas and I shared on our six week summer of parkour and fun in Boston, two years ago.

Knowing that the taste of this coffee is yummy and has fond memories associated with it, I bit the bullet and bought one bag.

This is going to be a Sunday morning treat. One day a week I get the warm fuzzies and kick of energy, from a cup of joe.

Has To Be Worth It

Thomas has also cut out caffeine because of indigestion issues. He too was  on board with this once a week treat.

It is nice when a plan comes together. 🙂

We both think that a little will be worth the possible anxiety for me, and the indigestion for Thomas.

It may be that we find once a week, is fine for both of us.

For me I know I do not metabolise caffeine quickly, so it sticks around in my system and accumulates. 

I am hoping that once a week will be too little to be a problem.

It is a little silly that it took me this long to look at food that does not work well with me, but that that I like, as a treat.

Treating food and drinks that are enjoyable but not compatible, on even the  slightest level, as a treat helps ease up the feeling of deprivation and loss.

Removing the all or nothing mentality helps to create longevity. 

You can not fall off a wagon if there is no wagon to fall off of.

Have you moved any “non-traditional” treat foods into the treat category for your own reasons?

How has that worked out for you?

Need motivation through a shift in perspective? Consider viewing training as a privilege.

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Fresh Food Privileges

Fresh Food for everyone!

I watched Parts Unknown – Season 9 – with the late Anthony Bourdain hosting today. They traveled to Antarctica. One of the things that came up was how rarely the people at the South Pole had fresh food.

It’s something I don’t know we consider all that often?

How difficult it can be for people to get their hands on fresh, raw, wholesome materials to eat.

If you live in the western world, the probability is that you have fairly easy access to “fresh food”.

Whether it’s going to the grocery store yourself, using your preferred grocery store delivery service, or Amazon Prime, getting fresh food is simply a matter of time, money and minimal effort.

For most of us, it’s a matter of priority.

But you don’t have to travel to the hiney of the planet to not have easy access to food.

Take food deserts (No, not a typo for the tasty treat! I mean the ‘area devoid of water’ kind)

Food Deserts vs Fresh Food

According to the USDA, food deserts are:

[…] parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods […]

If an area is a food desert, it doesn’t mean it’s devoid of places to find sustenance.

It means that the stores/outlets you have at your disposal are “different”. They do not sell fresh food, whole foods, fruits/vegetables or other healthful foods.

Then, we’ve got the South Pole…

The Antarctic is a true “carry in, carry out” kind of place. Any and all food is freighted in to the various bases on the continent. Garbage is freighted back out again.

It can be by plane, boat or helicopter.

During the “summer” season they get regular visits, so fresh food shows up sometimes.

During the winter season, not so much. The boat arrives, bringing whatever supplies they’ll have just before the season starts.

Then the boat leaves, the “summer crew” leaves, and the remaining people are  staying put. The ice is too thick to bring a boat in. The weather too unpredictable and cold to fly often.

They’re living off of frozen food, canned food and dried food.

Makes me happy, in spite of having “only” 1 grocery store within a mile that sells fresh food,  I’m living here in the “west”!

Would be an interesting place to go for a quick little training run in the summer though, or..?

Consume Enough For Your Activities

consume enough energy for activity

Consume Enough

Consuming enough food to provide the right amount of energy for your activities.

This seems pretty straight forward, but it can be a challenge to adjust.

Especially going from high activity to lower activity.

There seems to be a lag time between what your energy burns and what you think it needs.

You are used to eating to support a lot of endurance activities, then you get injured and need to rest.

You will need to adjust what you consume. It needs to be a little less.

Not a lot less, because the body burns energy fixing itself.

Depriving it of enough energy when it is fixing will slow down the fixing, or make the injury not recover as well as it needs to.

How to Tell

One way that people have measured if they are eating enough is by how much they weigh.

I find this interesting since it has more to do with appearance than performance.

Depending on the activity you are doing, sometimes you need to be lighter, medium, or even at a heavy weight.

I find sports like wrestling and boxing fascinating because of this.

You are allowed to participate regardless of what you weigh, as long as you compete against those in the same weight class.

But this can be challenging, because as an athlete tries to build strength and power, their body composition changes.

Depending on how they put on weight, they can be lean but not powerful enough, or they can be muscle bound and not powerful enough.

Same issue, different weight class.

The Rest Of Us

For us weekend warriors and regular athletes, we have to experiment as well.

If you are a runner there is a sweet spot of being light enough and strong enough to run fast or long.

Sprinters are muscle bound since they need explosive power. Long cross country runners are more lean and need endurance strength.

One way to find out what is going to work for you is to make minor adjustments to your diet and then see and measure what happens.

Two to four weeks is usually enough time to get feedback.

If you do a complete overhaul, it is hard to tell what is working, and what may be holding you back.

Little adjustments tell you more.

Hope your training session is a good one. Cheers!!

Gathering Food At The Airport

gathering-By zugaldia [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Gathering Food

I was on a food gathering mission at the airport after taking an extra long time in security, with limited time until boarding.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get food on the eight hour flight I had ahead of me.

My plan was to get a full meal before boarding, but I ran out of time. The choices left with a half hour window would be fast food only.

Since I did not know how my digestive system would respond – it had been that long! – I really did not want to find out on a plane.

Coffee Oasis

I ended up ordering oatmeal at a coffee shop. It was good and filled me up.

It had been about five hours since I last had a meal.

For me, that is a long stretch.

My boss had purchased a ticket on a low-cost airline, so I really had no idea whether I should expect a meal on this long flight. That lack of knowledge is what sent me to the kiosks for snacks.

A bottle of water and bag of trail mix did not seem adequate, but in the afternoon on a Saturday, the pickings were slim!

Every banana I saw was a different shade of brown.

I crossed my fingers about the plane service and almost jumped for joy when I was served chicken, veggies, plus what I think were supposed to be mashed potatoes.

Meal Included

My ticket had included a meal. Phew!

I knew that because I got the first meal, I would also get a second one.

A huge rush of relief came over me.

Historically, I’m used to packing food for flights. However, recently there have been a few reports of food being tossed at security.

I, perhaps naively, thought I would have a enough time to gather some food before boarding the plane.

My best laid plans died in security!

Do you travel enough to have your “go-to” places for food in different airports? If not, how can you plan ahead?

Give yourself a high five for training today. Cheers!!

Easy as Open Fridge, Get Bowl, and Throw It All In Salad

bowl-By E4024 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

All In A Bowl

A handy metal or wood, medium sized, bowl can make salad prep so much easier.

A little back story first.

I started a new adventure in the Scandinavian furniture/design field this past week.

It is a very small firm in the US with a desire to grow. I will support the sales team as a back office manager.

During my training I am spending most of my days with the Sales Director, who used to work in the restaurant industry.

On our second day of training, during lunch. I watched him put together a salad in a medium sized metal bowl and then proceed to eat it.

It was not a big production.

Pulled out all the boxed veggies from the fridge, washed, and added.

Then mixed in some salad dressing a voila, all done.

Easy Wins

I liked how quick and efficient this was. There was minimal chopping.

Using single ingredients that did not need to be cut. Like, cherry tomatoes, instead of a whole tomato.

He also added cheese, good cheese. Cheese he graded in.

Some things are worth a little extra effort.

Clean up was easy as well.

Rinse, wash and air dry.

Morning Prep

All this week for lunch I have been doing a bit of the same, but in plastic containers.

I liked the metal bowl because of the easy clean after using a dressing with oil.

Plastic seems to hold on to oil. So you really need to use a lot of soap, even if it is going into a dishwasher.

As I am adding more to my life with this new position, little easy cuts like a salad bowl made for making and eating, will make a big difference.

Time is very precious and how you spend it even more effectively.

What time savers do you use to stay healthy and efficient?

Training this week will end with a test on Friday. Get your head in the game. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.