Not A Fan Of Daylight Savings Time


Daylight Where Its Needed

I would like a little daylight in my mornings, and a little darkness in my evenings.

We just had a blizzard the first week of daylight savings time.

Do I need the extra hour of daylight in the evening right now?

Nope not really.

Would I like a little sun earlier in the day?

Yes, I would.

It is easier to get up in the morning and maybe get in a walk.

Cozy Evenings

Cozy evenings are nice. I like cuddling up with some tea or wine watching a show, or reading a book.

That is the evening activity I enjoy.

All of a sudden I now feel this pressure to go out and do something.

All that changed was an hour.

It feels like soo much more.

Starting work in the dark feels a bit lonely.

I do like my solitude, but it feels like everyone else is sleeping.

Even though I know that is not true. Someone has to be making the donuts.

Reverse Depression

I doubt it is a thing, but I feel a little melancholy yesterday and today.

It has been a little stressful with work.

Not feeling that I have enough time, even though I actually spend extra time.

As least for the first time today, I do not feel like my eyes are ready to shut at 5pm.

This was a bit of a self-indulgent rant about losing an hour of time in the morning.

I used to love the idea of “sleeping in” when fall comes around.

Not so much now, since I really do not have a choice.

Where you live, do you have daylight savings time? If so, how do you deal with it?

Move a little, laugh a little, live a little. Cheers!!

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J E T L A GGGG, A State of Tiredness


State of Tiredness

After I have been in Denmark for a week and now back, jetlag has put me in a state of tiredness.

Today, for instance, I can already tell that when the sun goes down, I will be useless.

True, I have been in bed by 8:15 the past two nights and asleep in about 5-10 minutes…

In Denmark that same time is the 4:00 am golden hours. The last two hours of sleep before I had to get up.

Each day I felt like I could sleep until real late.

But, I love my morning routine when I am there, so it gets me up and going.

It makes my day pretty good.

Routine To Fight the Jet Lag

What gets me up in the morning while in Denmark is the amazing breakfast at the hotel and the nice walk to work, though a couple of parks.

One of the parks is a favorite of the local dogs, so there is always dog watching on my way to and from work.

A dog can easily put a smile on your face, even if it is cold and rainy.

Back here in Denver, my routine does not have the same perks.

I do not get fresh hearty bread, three different ones to choose from.

I’m not getting really good coffee, coffee that does not seem to get me all hyped up.

And of course, the walk with dogs and the amazing buildings to look at.

At home, I mosy on from bed to the shower and then find myself something to eat.

Next I am on-line and working.

I keep hoping to get in a morning and afternoon walk.

With daylight savings time, my mornings are once again back in the dark.

I am not very comfortable heading out for a walk around 7:30am.


I do think it would be fun to pretend that I’m walking to the office and then walk home from the office.

That way I would get in two half hour walks, each day.

My body would thank me for that and so would my mind!

How are your morning routines going? Did you consider how those help set up your day?

Train a little and get off to a great start! Cheers!

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Get Sorted

User:Dcoetzee, User:WDGraham [CC0]

Getting your week sorted out and ready to go is one way to take any stress down a notch.

When life is real busy and you feel like you are chasing after things to get them done, take control by sorting out what you need to do.

There are many ways to sort things out. Finding the one that works for you is all that matters.

For people who can afford it, it is hiring someone who is in charge of scheduling your time.

Might sound crazy, but sometimes this is what is needed to allow enough brain power so you can focus where your talents lie.

Someone who likes to schedule people either really love to be in control, or are looking for a way to a better job.

Either way they need to, or will do, a good job.

For us average “Pats”, we do our own scheduling.

Tools To Use

A couple of tools that I find useful are sorting my emails, using a calendar for reminders, and looking ahead to the week, or next day.

I usually have a lot of emails to sort through in the morning.

Some of them I need to take immediate action on, others I can categorize so I can take action on them later in the day.

I search for the emails that need to get done asap, act on them and then file them away.

That is how I know they are done.

I split my day up with different tasks to help me work through the emails that got categorized.

The calendar is something I use as a reminder to check on order delivery times.

That way when I enter an order, I can add a reminder for a day a week or two away to help me to keep track of the order.

A Look Ahead

On Sundays I like to look ahead at the week and see what is coming up.

The calendar reminders are good for this as well. They work as a tracking sheet for me.

The real tracking sheet is a simple exported Excel spreadsheet of all our orders, with notes on them.

That way I have one easy reference place to see things that are coming up.

It is also a way to communicate with other people about the status of orders for the week.

What tools do you use in your life to keep things sorted, and to de-load stress in your life?

Enjoy your time training today. Cheers!!

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Recognize Resistance and Keep Going

recognize resistance

Recognize Nay Sayers

Recognize nay sayers, whether it is your own voice or the voice of others.

As someone who faces self-doubt and the “I’m good enough” gremlin many times a day, I can attest to still having to just plow through and get stuff done.

If you are training to tackle an athletic goal, or trying your hand at a new creative challenge, knowing what you want will be a helpful filter.

Everyone has an opinion and is willing to provide feedback.

Try and find the voices that you trust, the voices that matter to you.

Remember the final word is yours. You are the one who knows where you want to go.

Many Ways

There are many ways to train for a marathon.

Depending on your lifestyle, your genetic make up and overall health, one method may be better suited to you than another.

There could be that one plan to give you the edge and get through the mental struggle.

Since we all are different, it is hard to know which one will work best.

Ask anyone in a running group and they will have an opinion on what works the best.

A few people realize that you actually can get to the finish line in a number of different ways.

Other people are more rigorous about what to do.

For them, one way is probably far superior to any other.

“You would be a fool not too […]”. “Proceed at your own risk […]”

Until you actually try, it is hard to know what will actually work for you.

Knowing what you want can help narrow down the field.

There is a different program for folks who want to just get across the finish line vs. the folks who have a specific time they want to achieve.

Not only is the goal different, but so is the overall mindset.

If you like high levels of structure and routine, then having a time or pace in mind fits right in with your mentally.

Wanting to get to the finish before they roll up the carpet is a completely different mindset altogether.

Slow and Steady

See slow and steady will get you to the end.

Slow being relative.

What is slow to you, make be fast to someone else.

Finding a level of exertion that you can sustain, for an extended period of time, is what matters.

Being in a race and hitting “the wall” is horrible.

Giving it all away at the start might feel like the right thing to do, but when you can no longer run or walk and have a couple of miles to go, it is not so great.

Regardless of your goal and how you train, you will eventually run into that little voice. The one that is always trying to convince you to quit.

Find a role model, keep your goal in mind and ask yourself; Is quitting what I really want to do? If so and so was in this situation, would they quit?

Then own your choice.

Find your way to train today. Cheers!!

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Sickness Aches and Pains

sickness-Menchi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Sickness Bring on The Aches

It is true, the aches and pains of sickness are taking hold of my body.

Unpleasant is the word that comes to mind.

I am just glad that it is the weekend, after tomorrow.

Hopefully it stops at this point and does not progress.

The stress has been pretty high this week.

So that is not helping. It may even be what opened the door and waved in what ever bug is going around.

I am blaming Thomas for bringing it home.

It has been a few day since I went outside the apartment.

Tuesday Is to Blame

Now that I think about it, we went to the sports bar across the road for a bite to eat on Tuesday.

Two days of incubation is about right.

Watch out Mr. T…

Drinking water, and wondering if I should take anything.

We have some night time medicine but sometimes that keeps me up.

As I try to come up with a strategy to manage my way through, I wonder what you do?

Do you have a go-to food or drink when you know you are getting sick?

Is there something that you like to do to help yourself feel better, like a bath or some gentle movement?

Maybe you like to curl up with a book, or TV, and zone out.

Feeling great… then get in a bit of training. Cheers!!

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A Fort of Mental Fortitude

fort-Kenta Mabuchi from Fukuoka, Japan [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fort of Fortitude

What do you need to build a fort of fortitude?

Obviously, there are different building blocks that go into building a fort like this.

The first thing that comes to mind is perseverance.

Getting back up and trying again, while learning from mistakes.

Finding the joy in the process of trying, over and over again.

Building blocks of self awareness.

Knowing yourself, so you know what will work for you and what will not.

Where are your boundaries and do they always apply.

Recognizing what upsets you and how you may get through it, or past it to continue on.

Celebrating the little success with personal atta-person’s.

It is nice when others recognize your efforts, but waiting for others to do so can take a while.

Plus, other people do not know what matters to you.

They are coming at it from what matters to them.

Coaches and Such

If you do want to get feedback, find a coach.

A coach is supposed to listen and learn what matters to you, and help you to reach your next goal your way.

Sometimes they may suggest other options.

If your way is not working for you, they can help you figure out another angle another way to move in the direction you want.

Laying out the choices that lay before you, so you can pick the path that you think is doable.

Building your Fort does not have to be a solo act.

Knowing some of the items you are using to build your fort with will help you, plus anyone you ask to come along on your journey.

Kick a little butt in your training session today. Cheers!!

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Set An Intention


Intention Set…Go

I have been reading a little about setting an intention.

Set an intention in the morning or the night before, then reflect on how it went the evening after.

It is another way to make a little change and adjust.

This shrinks it down even further to; Just one day, one intention.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

Or you can read more about Stoicism

Consider it while your training and note your intention in some way afterwards. Cheers!

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Diving into Emotions to Chill Out.

diving-Christopher Michel from San Francisco, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Diving in, to Chill Out

Can diving into emotions help you to chill out?

Listening to a meditation audio today I was struck by the advice to dive into negative emotions, in order to chill out.

The idea being that the longer you avoid them, the longer they stay with you.

Which makes perfect sense.

If you have ever been around someone who gives you the silent treatment, you know nothing changes until they bury it deep, or finally talk.

When they talk it is more a conclusion than seeking to find common ground, or a joint resolution.

Can you really move on and put an emotional situation out of your mind if you bury it, or “decide” how it’s going to be?

Moving On

When faced with emotions that do not feel good, how does sitting with it and experiencing it make it better?

In someways it seems like wallowing in it.

If it is factual news that triggers emotions then I understand trying to get past why it makes you feel the way it does.

A fact can not be changed, and preventing someone from reacting a certain way is unpredictably impossible.

News is news. They aren’t good or bad, they are just news.

How we choose to take those news is our own choice.

Of course, being told horrible health news usually results in some distressing emotions.

But is recognizing them and experiencing them instead of running away by keeping busy, or making sure you have purpose, any better?

When my mom was in the hospital, I coped by being the caretaker of both my parents.

I cannot say that I sat with the fear of the unknown.

It was always there. Not really holding my hand, more like clinging to my leg.

I am sure life will offer up other opportunities to try something different.

Do you find diving into your emotions a solution that works for you?

Training can be an escape, or it can be a connection. It all depends on perspective…

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Decompression Pfffffft


Decompression Leaks Out

After a long fall, a little decompression is taking place over an extended holiday weekend.

Part of this decompression has been shifting my thoughts from work, work, work to holiday festivities.

Family visits, food, and preparation.

It has been a nice shift in focus and a great way to decompress.

Not that my mind does not wander to a random work thought or two, but I feel like I do not have to think about work.

Missing Something?

A lot of my off time is spent wondering if I missed something during work.

This fear and a drive for perfection have made it way too easy to work extended hours.

Tiredness has lead to mistakes which creates even more work.

Shifting to thinking about Holiday meals is a nice break.

Thomas and I will be having a holiday breakfast on our own, after having spent the evening before with family.

We like to make this “day after” a long relaxing day.

Hang out in our pj’s, eat a leisurely breakfast/lunch/dinner in one.

Small little bites throughout the day.

Completely getting rid of any pressure.

It’s just what is needed.

Having a pressure free celebration is rare and wonderful.


Obligation does not have to be “bad” word.

It can be filled with joy.

Each year we are obliged to spend sometime with family to celebrate.

I enjoy this time with them. The tradition is nice and predictable.

This is nice when life has been about adapting, adapting, adapting.

A little bit of knowing what comes next allows room to breathe.

Granted, for others knowing what comes next, could cause a high amount of stress and a desire to run.

I feel grateful that is not my experience with my family.

What do the holidays do for you? Is it a time of welcome traditions, or is it a time of high tension?

Either way prepare your day with a little training session. Cheers!!

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You Are What You Think


Think It, Be It

Are you really what you think?

I do not mean; “I want to be a pilot”, and bam you’re a pilot!

Nope, I am referring to the idea that you are the sum of your thoughts.

See, I work a lot, I think a lot about work, and I seem to have too little left to talk about or focus on.

I could write all kinds of creative stories about customer service experiences.

Maybe even throw in why having a process is so important to make life more efficient.

But that is not what we are about here…

We are about finding ways to shift towards a lifestyle that supports being active, eating for health, and cultivating mental fortitude.

Mental Fortitude

Lucky for me, mental fortitude is something that can be developed and talked about regardless of what you do.

Sometimes it is difficult to meet challenges if you feel run down by lack of sleep, meals that have less nutrients than needed and less activity than you are accustomed to. 

It all plays together and it either builds resilience, or slowly wears it away.

I notice by not giving myself time to do other things, my mind keeps staying focused on work. 

This does not let me really step away and get a break.

It starts to feel repetitive. 

Wasn’t I just here? Didn’t I just do that?

It also feels strange to not have a partner who can cover for you, if you need time off, or get sick.

Thinking It True

If I start thinking of ways to be less at work and more doing other things, maybe I will find a way to think it into reality.

Obsessing about that may lead to solutions for better work and life experience.

Ignoring the details I can not control while in my down time or sleeping, and focus on a small step I can take right now to make stepping away easier. 

I am heading to Denmark for another round of training next week.

It seems like my schedule is jam packed. I will need to create down-time, to let me soak in what I am learning.

Walking away with better systems and processes would be great.

What do you think? Is what you think who you are?

Think about training and then become the training. Cheers!!

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