Wandering To Create Connection and Ignite Imagination

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Wandering To Connection

Wandering is something that I enjoy doing very much. I like to live in a place that allows a lot of wandering.

At times I find it easier to allow myself to wander if I have a purpose. Walking to get somewhere always helps. The best is if I am dropped off away from home and have to get back.

Older places geared more towards walking are filled with discoveries along the way. I like to learn a place by taking my time strolling through it.

For me, it is harder to feel connected to places where walking is not possible.

Wonder of Wandering

To wander creates wonder in me. I tell myself stories of the places and people I see. As I stroll around and come across different scenes, I wonder what the story is behind it.

I do not think I am alone in this.

With more focus on the worlds within the internet, is this questioning and imagining of the world around us coming to an end?

I find it harder to not fall into the “fear of missing out” and “comparisons” when immersed in social media.

This problem does not exist in “live” forms of social “media”. I feel more curiosity and less insecurity.

Image vs. Witnessing

Is there a difference between an image and witnessing a live moment?

When I see something live I am very aware that there is no predetermined next moment.

Watching two people interacting as they walk down the street, play in a park, or a dog being walked is unpredictable. It is without a predetermined outcome.

Images and video are all complete. There is nothing left to happen. They just do not capture my imagination and wonder the same way.

The last time you wandered around, what did you notice? What was your inner dialogue and reaction? How does it compare to an image or video experience?

Have a great day, and even better training session. Cheers!!

Hook Up With Some Agers to Fuel Your Motivation

By Martin Bell (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Hook up With An Older Activity Crowd

Hook up with activity buddies a little older than you for a shot of motivation to keep moving and eating healthy.

I went snowshoeing for the first time today. I went with three women all around fifteen years older than me.

Two of them were cross country skiing because snowshoeing bothered joints in their body.

My snowshoe buddy had hip surgery a year an half ago and this was her first time out.

We went 5+miles in about 4 hours with a lunch break.

Color Me Impressed

One of the skiers thought the snow was so fantastic that she took off and found her groove, with her silver braid flying behind her.

I did not see her again until she got back to the car with a huge smile on her face.

The other skier would go a little ahead, then wait.

My snowshoe buddy never complained. She said her hip felt great, and she kept commenting on how beautiful it is.

We shared a quiet moment watching a moose watch us.

Feeling Big Love

I got home and jumped in the bath to get warm and soak my sore muscles. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

Two of these ladies are heading back out tomorrow to another trail to do some more snowshoeing. One of them organizes meet ups for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Tomorrow is one of her meet up outings.

This silver haired crew has got it going on. They are not going quietly into a low functioning twilight.

Each of them are taking charge and getting joy out of each other and being in nature. They all feel lucky to be able to do what they are doing at their age.

This was another experience where age is just a number, not a predetermined lifestyle. Three cheers to the silver haired women!!!

Adversity As It Relates to Connection

Adversity Is Hard

Adversity is “unfavorable fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress” as defined on dictionary.com.

Adversity can be an individual experience, or it can be shared. Part of being resilient to adversity is to share it.

Fight off isolation and do not retreat.

That is a difficult choice to follow through on.

There is a recognition that you are the only one experiencing a situation the way you do, but there are similarities that can create connection.

Adversity faced with friends
Facing adversity with friends.”Kendyhagen” Disney Goofy prep run.

Looking for Similarities

Seeking out those similarities can help make an experience more manageable.

Someone can give you a show of support through a hug, or a shoulder squeeze.

A shared insight into your current situation can help you to imagine a way through it.

Being open to what is going on around you and getting out of your own head can help you focus on others.

The advice that you have to have your own backyard in order, before you help someone else fix theirs is a little confusing.

I find that in helping someone else fix their backyard inspires me on how I can fix my own.

It seems to be more of loop than a line.

As you help them, they help you.

Recognizing that Trauma Comes Around Again, and Again

Trauma can be a fall-out from facing adversity. I used to think that trauma was an emotional state that one needed to get over. Now I understand that trauma does not go away, it ebbs and flows.

There are moments when I am caught off guard with a flash of memory from a past experience. I thought that it meant that I was still broken and needed to find better help.

Now I know that I can manage through those moments. If I need to talk to someone I can. I am not broken.

When faced with adversity how do you reach out to share the experience? How does connecting with others help your resilience?

Self-care is part of resilience. Taking time to train builds an internal connection with yourself.


Sharing is Caring, or is it?

Sharing Your Stuff Sharing, is it a sign of caring as we are taught as children? As a kid, it is a selfless act to share your toy. Sort of. A child usually shares their toy with someone they would want to like them, or someone they like. As adults stuff is a weird thing. Stuff brings us joy when we first get it. We may have searched for it, saved for it, and savored the moment we bought it. A short while later most things fade to the background. Your Stuff Owns You As Thomas and I down size from a two bedroom to a one bedroom apartment, we are going through our third round of purging. That comes with some tough decisions. Pulling out our box of Christmas ornaments, which I have not opened in three years, their meaning had changed. A few ornaments pulled at my heart strings so I set them aside. Others even if given by loved ones were now more something else to sell on Ebay. Others held dim memories, but nothing that I did not think prevented me from giving them away. I felt joy at the idea of giving someone I did not know an ornament that decorated our tree on happy occasions. I hope some of that happiness tags along and gives them joy. What Can Stuff Do Can stuff, like an ornament, give joy? The items that I could not part with were connected to our dog who passed away. Every year since puppyhood, I would put a pair of antlers on Forbes and take a picture. I simply was not ready to part with those antlers yet. A friend gave us an ornament she had painted to look like our cat. I saved that to give to my cousin who will be cat-sitting for us this spring. I hope it will be a sweet reminder of their time together. Do you feel connected to stuff? Why do you think that is? Training for health is something that can not be taken away, lost, or stolen. Cheers!!… This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training...

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Asking For Help Enhances Connections

Asking for a Bit of Help Asking for help is one way to deepen or build a connection with family, friends, and or community. I find it very difficult to ask for help. Pride can get in the way of allowing those who want to help, to help. My parents are very much a “do for yourself” couple. Interestingly they are more than happy to help someone else out if asked. Sometimes even if not asked. So why is it so hard for them to seek help when they need it? Evaluating When Help is Needed Sometimes it is hard to tell when you need help, instead of a simpler solution. I like to know I am in a tight corner, with no way out, before I entertain the idea of outside help. My circle of connections is so small that I feel I need to be respectful of resources and time. I’ve been needing to get my brakes done and a little while back I told my brother. I was not looking forward to paying the crazy amount the shop wanted for the job. He let me know that he had changed the brakes on both his wife’s car, and that of his son. Then he offered to help us out. It took a few months to coordinate, but we managed to sync up this week. All it took was the cost of parts, my brother, Thomas’ and a couple of neighbour’s time. My brakes were changed. Thomas and my brother got to connect over a project, while I got to hang out with my sister-in-law. Strangers Asking strangers is another situation all together. I find that the younger generations do not seem to have this hang-up. They just ask. In some ways, assume that you will be happy to help. This unsettles me. Asking strangers tapps in to my teenagehood. Self-sufficiency was the goal, until mom and/or dad got home from work. We did it, or it didn’t  happen. It will always take me a while to ask for help from a stranger. How does asking for help build connections for you? Closing out this week of training. Hope you are ready for the weekend. Cheers!! … This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training...

This content is only available to active members who have logged in. Required membership(s): Online Personal Training

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