Stress Busting Alert! (and Weekly Workout)

One of the best parts of the day is the time spent stress busting

By being in the moment; Attempting to get more reps. Mastering a movement, or working soreness out of muscles. During that time you spend working out, there is just you and your body. Getting the endorphines flowing, feeling the rush of accomplishment, of not only showing up but working your hardest.

Why do kids have recess?

To blow of steam. Afterwards they can sit quietly, listen to instruction and concentrate on a task. As adults, we still have to do those things, but we don’t really get recess these days. In college there are clubs, activities, intramural sports or team sports to burn pent up energy and clear the mind.

Unless you are outgoing and live in an area where you have friends you can “go out and play with”, most likely it will be difficult to find a way to de-stress. It takes courage to meet new people, learn new things and work your way through feeling exposed. Being “the newbie” is never really fun.

On top of that, everyday life piles on the stress and makes it seem like there isn’t any time to spend on yourself. But once you realize having recess should never have ended, you start to crave it. It becomes one of the highlights of your day. A safe place to go and check-in with you.

Working out has helped me through losing my job, making one – or more – life changing career decisions, deal with depression and self-image issues. It is the place I go to hang out and clear my mind. What makes it even better is working out with other people. It is just like when you were a kid. There is a moment to laugh, make a joke and give props for being awesome.

Then, take your best self home to your family or work and share some positivity. At the end of the day, your time spent stress busting is not just relief for you, but also a gift to them.

Weekly Workout: March 14 – March 20

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