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Staying Ignorant, Good Plan?

Ignorant Bliss

Can bliss come from being ignorant about the world?

I was listening to a pod cast and the interviewer remarked on how happy the interviewee always seemed to be.

The interviewee claimed that a big part of his happiness came from avoiding the headlines about culture and politics in the world.

He didn’t get caught up in other people’s drama, or allow himself to aggravated about things he could not control or impact.

Just like there are people who live for the outrage, he lived to ignore all that causes the outrage.

Focus on What Matters

What mattered to him? He son, mom, friends, work buddies…the people in his life.

The people he could help, and who bring him a smile each day.

This all makes sense…right.

Those are the things that matter to him. Things that are real and he can be part of.

What do you consider important?

How does it impact your emotional life?

When you train today, will you feel better or no different when done?

Yes, I want online training!

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