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Sport For Fun, or Sport For Competition

Sport Is Sport, Right?

When you think of a sport do you think of it at being competitive?

This past weekend, Parkour went going through some growing pains.

An organization called International Gymnastics Federation (FIG, ’cause; “French”) voted to adopt and include Parkour as part of the sport(s) they offer.

Which to me is fascinating because my experience of Parkour has very little to do with competition.

It is about pushing yourself, supporting others, and having fun.

Granted, Parkour at the gym Thomas goes to in Colorado focuses more on competition.

They have time trial classes. The point of a “Time trials” class is to run through a course as fast as you can.

Hopefully using the skills you have learned.

There is also a competition for athletes from around the world to qualify for the somewhat classical American version of “world” championships.

This is not so much fun for me, and there seems to be more of a focus on the individual and less on community.

Sport As Fun

I can be competitive, but it is usually with myself and less with others.

Seeing if I can do something. Something I think is a bit scary, or just out of my reach, skill wise, is fun!

Working with others to accomplish a goal is fun.

Trying to run as fast as I can through a course, is not so much fun.

I find this to be stressful.

I have enough of that in my life.

Learning to build skills through exploration is fun.

Half the time you are not aware of the skill building, you are just having a good time.

Repeating something without a purpose besides doing it is not so much fun.

If you look at lifting weights as doing it to lift the weight, that gets old fast.

Imagining that you are saving your family, by lifting a car, makes it a little more interesting.

Sport For Competition

When I played soccer I enjoyed competing. 

Winning was great, but connecting with teammates and make good plays, that was the best.

If we lost it did not matter.

Coming in first was never my goal.

Playing well gave us a better chance of winning, depending on our performance that game.

Competition brings out a side of myself that makes me uncomfortable.

I experience more emotions of aggression and defiance.

Sport for fun is much more my speed.

What kind of sport do you enjoy more? Why is that?

Now, go train so you can lift a few cars. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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