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Sliding Scale To Heighten Awareness

Sliding Scale of Adherence

Regardless of the eating style you choose to adhere to, consider a sliding scale to meet your adherence goals.

Are you concerned with maintaining a healthy weight range, but do not want to be restrictive or hedonistic in your eating behaviors?

One way to monitor this is to follow a sliding scale of adherence.

If you are looking to maintain your current weight, at your current activity level, then consume foods that you know will help you meet this goal, 80% of the time.

The other 20% can cover cravings, times when you have no control over food offered to you, or special events.

If you are looking to drop weight, consider sliding up to 90% of staying consistent with eating foods for nourishment.

The remaining 10% allows you to not really think about the food you are eating.

How To Make % Real

Count up how many meals you eat during the week, on average.

Three meals a day x seven days = 21 meals for the week.

80% of 21 = 16.8 (17) meals are going to be right on target with your goals.

The remaining three meals can allow you to eat your grandma’s pie, take part in the monthly birthday party at work with a piece of cake, etc.

As we get older we need less energy and more nourishing foods. This can give less wiggle room.

You may need to do a 90/10 split to just maintain your weight from ten years earlier.


You can start to make slow adjustments as to what you eat.

Slow Adjustments

Instead of instant oatmeal with flavorings, you choose steel cut oatmeal with fresh or frozen berries and a touch of maple syrup, or honey.

Cutting back on certain indulgences.

Instead of drinking a glass or red wine every night of the week you work your way down to three nights, then later to one night, with a real special vintage.

To lessen the feeling of loss consider upping the quality of your indulgences. Nurture the experience with exploration and luxury, instead of quantity.

No matter your eating style, this approach can give you a tool to bring awareness of how, what, and why you are eating.

Training is also a great way to “tune in” to how your body is functioning. Cheers!!

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