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Is Sleep a Restart Button, or a Pause Button

Restart, Not Pause Button

I would like to think of sleep as a restart button and not a pause button.

When you wake up it is like you were rebooted and all your systems are back on-line, your brain is ready to take in new information.

Does a “brand new day” give you a brand new start?

If you try on a new perspective, I can see how it can be a brand new start.

Say you went to bed dreading what lay ahead the next day, but you wake up excited about getting coffee and meeting up with a friend at the end of the day.

What seemed like a task the day before becomes more of a challenge today.

It would be great if this happened everyday.

But it does not seem to.

Pause Button

I find sleep can be more of a pause button. A place of relief from worry and stress.

The highlight of a day can be the act of sleeping. Hoping that when you wake up things are a little different.

Though you know that the only thing that will make things different is action.

I do not know about you, but sleep does not create much action.

This makes me think of how passive income is intriguing to me. Because action takes place as you sleep.

You have to put work into it while you are awake, but someone purchasing your product or service does not require an action from you at that moment.

Automation allows basic communication to be set up ahead of time.

Like, the “thank you for your purchase” notification.

Consumers do not have to wait on you to get what they need.

Automate Life

The habits we follow daily are our way of automating life.

Adjusting these habits takes some effort and thought, but if you can adjust them to support the outcome you want; Ta-da(!) the outcome appears.

The daily habit of training helps to keep your life simpler.

Hopefully less or no pills, doctors, or stress from feeling unwell. Cheers!!

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