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Showing Up For Yourself

First Step; Showing Up

The first step to taking care of yourself is showing up. Even though Thomas and I are in the middle of closing out our apartment and heading to Norway we made time for Thomas to train one last time.

As I type this post, Thomas is participating in his last parkour class until we get back at the end of June.

We tried to get him here earlier to make it for another class but that did not happen. We were even a little late for this one.

Cleaning out the apartment took a little longer than we had hoped.

Why Working To Show Up Matters

Of course we could have made our lives easier and not made it a goal to try and make this training session.

What happens is that it becomes a bright spot in the day for Thomas. It is a “level three” course, so I am typing instead of training.

For me a little sitting and thinking time is more of what I need at this moment.

I do love moving for stress relief, but it is Ok to have another outlet as well.

I can feel the stress of getting finished in my body and brain. I know we have a few more things to do before we can put up our feet.

Selfish or Not? Does It Matter

Thomas has always been good about prioritizing his needs. I have tendency to turn my world upside down to accommodate others.

I do not see and easily compromise. You either make yourself matter, or you do not.

There is no half way to sort of kinda show up. In some ways Thomas did compromise today.

He stayed and helped me clean.

He did not leave me to clean, as I had proposed.

Are you good at showing up for yourself? If so, how does it make you feel?

Train for you! Cheers!

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