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Share Your Vision, Make a Connection

Share to Connect

Have a vision to share? Sharing a vision of what you want or value and use that to create connections with like-minded people.

I remember when I finally watched the documentary “The Secret”. I thought to myself, “don’t most people already do this from when they first communicate?”

If you grew up in a home where adults and other children listened to you, then you practiced the secret as soon as you could. You asked for what you wanted.  You did not care who you asked.

I wanted a doll, “Baby Alive” when I was six years old. Any person I came in contact with around that time I told that is what I wanted.

Did I get a”Baby Alive”?

I got a great knock off with baby alive accessories.

Vision to Vision

It makes sense that if you want something to happen, you talk about it with everyone. You never know what insights and connections the person you are talking to will have.

Want to run a marathon, talk about it. My guess is that in a short time you will come across someone who has run one, is training for one, or knows someone who is training for one.

They may become a training buddy, or a great resource of what to do next for your own goal.


I think people do this naturally. We talk about what is on our mind when we talk to others. Sharing a vision you have for a future you want then comes naturally.

Are you aware of when you are doing this? Not sure?

Do you ask yourself insightful questions about who you want to share your vision with?

What information do you hope to get from sharing your vision?

Is your vision realistic?

When I was in real estate a colleague of mine was fresh out college and decided to become a sales manager in under six months.

He thought by speaking with the director of sales weekly, to build a rapport, would short-cut his rise. It did not. He may have gotten some great insights and tips, but he did not jump the line for promotions.

If you have a goal you want to achieve, ask around and see if someone else shares your vision.

Enjoy your training today. Cheers!!


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