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Setting Expectations For What Works For You

Expectations That Work For You

Expectations that work for you may not be the same expectations that work for someone else.

When you are learning something new, you have your own way of processing information.

In order to learn quick and fast knowing how you learn can help.

Maybe you do not learn quick and fast, but once you learn something it sticks and you are precise with  what you do.

Managing Others Expectations

Knowing yourself allows you to manage the expectations of others and to voice your own.

Sometimes it is as simple as a time line of when things can be done.

You know you will learn it, if you take your time and are very methodical up front.

Maybe if your practice is haphazard, what you are learning will take more time to become a process you can move through quickly, with accuracy.

Speaking up about what you are experiencing and what you would like to see happen will help you and others to move in a more positive direction.

Speaking the Same Language

When you are talking with people about your expectations, realize that they maybe be using the same words but with a different perspective.

Their perspective maybe causing assumptions, or filling in blanks, in a direction you may not even have thought of.

If you want clarification, ask probing questions about what they mean, or what they are experiencing.

These conversations may feel a bit uncomfortable and yucky.

Once you make it through to the other side, you will hopefully have a more clear understanding of what it is you and others expect, and how they align.

One and Done

This is not a one and done scenario.

You may have to have a few of these conversations before a mutual set of expectations can be found.

That is OK. Have as many as are needed.

What you want out of your training today is an expectation you set for yourself. Cheers!!


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