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Revisiting Faces and Places

Meeting Old Faces

Revisiting old faces and places can help you reflect on the complexities of being human.

When we meet people we put our best selves forward.

We do not go into a social situation with an expectation of sharing all of our nuances.

Everyone has their friendly side, selfish side, funny side, serious side, etc.

I mention this because it is nice to remember, when you meet someone you only meet a part of who they are.

It is interesting to see which part we meet, and why they chose to share that part of themselves.

If you want to get into the depths of the psyche.

At Face Value

I feel like I walk away from meeting most people with a positive experience.

Getting a brush off almost immediately has happened to me a few times.

For some reason I did not hold any interest for that person.

I know that my default setting is to be judgemental and label.

Choosing not to be takes awareness and practice.

Knowing that not everyone wants to work on avoiding being judgmental helps me to let go of not being “their cup of tea”.

Having a grasp of what you think is important in life is very helpful here.

Is it important to learn about other people and how they experience life? Then withholding judgement can help you find out more about them.

May be it is more important for you to find like-minded people. People who share your values. Then judgement can help you to “stick with your peeps”.

Many Faces In One Face

Being around family more and hearing stories about one person from different sources helps me to realize how complex people can be.

How does labeling a person based on a single action or pattern of behavior affect your relationship with them?

Is a label you give someone a block of getting to know them better? Why?

Just a little reflection during your training breaks. Cheers!!

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