Ready for Huntin' Season?

Active Recovery Week: Selfie Huntin'
Photo: Susanne Nilsson, Taking a selfie (CC)

The mission

With the previously announced “Active Recovery Week” upon us, we figured we’d help you get out-and-about. 

Each day we will be posting a photo taken on a recreational trail in the greater Manchester (NH) area to our Facebook page.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to hunt down where the photo was taken, then take a selfie and post your selfie as a reply to our post on the Strong CUBED Fitness FB page (make sure you “Like” our page if you haven’t already). 

Each Active Recovery (AC) outing will be worth points. We will provide clues, some really blatant ones and some (we hope) head scratchers. 

There be prizes?

Any current member of Strong CUBED Fitness who accumulates over 50 points during this week (June 12th until June 19th) will be entered in a drawing to win a “fabulous prize” (from Norway, maybe, possibly, or not…) We hope you like pickled herring, pewter, brown goats cheese, trolls, etc. Could be any of the items listed, or none of them. So, yes. There may be one (1) prize.

Plus, the fun of getting outside and using the “skills” you’ve been building over the winter has its own rewards, right?!? The first recreation trail photo hunt will be posted to our Facebook page on Thursday June 12. Get your sunscreen and bug spray ready (and hopefully not your umbrella & lightning kite).

Wabbit season … Duck season!

If your schedule won’t allow you participate in the recreation trail selfie portion, i.e. the photo hunt, there will be an alternate time-based option for you to walk, bike, or swim so you too can earn points. (Wouldn’t want you to miss out on earning your 50+ points and enter the drawing for a “super awesome” Norwegian – or not – prize!)

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  1. 3 down so far; Found the trail in Goffstown this evening and did a 2.5 mile hike. Did NOT find the big black stump near Massabesic, but DID park and walk 2.2 miles on trails there yesterday. We also did our usual hour-long fast-paced walk around our neighborhood!

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