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Quiet Time Before Sleepy Time

Quiet Time

Quiet time is not just for toddlers who need a nap, or for children who need to chill out for a moment while being hyper.

Taking the time to be still and silent is a tool we adults can use to prepare our mind for sleep.

Since most of us had to go sit in the corner, or go to our rooms and “don’t make a noise” at some point, we already know how to do it.

Instead of it being a punishment for being loud or rambunctious, as an adult it is a privilege to turn off the noise and chill.

I wonder how many parents look at their child with envy when their only job is to be, and not do anything, or to do it quietly?

They probably got “punished”, so their parent could get a little noise-free time on their own.

What would quiet time look like for you?

Setting It Up 

Do you need a special space, special lighting, noise level, or stimulus to create an environment that can help you get ready for sleep?

At this point, we all know how experts tell us to turn off all screens at least a half hour, to an hour, before we expect to go to sleep.

Have you tried it? How did “no screen time before bed” work for you?

For me, I like to turn down the lights and keep the noise level low. I also like to feel warm and cosy.

I like my bedroom to be chilly, so I have to snuggle up in the covers.

Once my body reaches a certain temp, my eyes get heavy and it is off to sleepy land I go. 

Now staying asleep, that is another story. A story I have shared many times.

When you are training today, think of a way to create a space for pre-sleep chill-out time.

Yes, I want online training!

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