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Practice Give and Take In Relationships

Give and Take Not A Game

To give and to take is not a game to be played, especially in relationships.

When we first start to learn how to socialize, there is a give and take.

Be good and share your toys then you will make friends.

Eat your vegetables then you can have a cookie.

Do your chores and then you can watch TV, play a game, see your friends.

Going to school is give and take.

If you give your all to studying, then you will get good grades.

It is easy to see how we would apply this to relationships;

If you do this for me, then I will do this for you.

Deciding Who You Are

As we grow up, we start to figure out what we believe is a good way to be human.

We figure out how we want to treat other people.

I remember when I first heard of Karma. It struck a chord with me.

“What goes around comes around” sounded like a fair way to live.

I believed that if I wanted to be treated nice, then I needed to treat other people nicely.

After practicing what I think is being nice for a while, I noticed it did not affect how I was being treated.

At first I was deeply saddened by this. I felt there was no way I could improve the world if I could not influence it, even with good karma.

“Head Smack”

Then I realized I was not really practicing good karma.

I went in with an expectation that if I gave other people courtesy and respect they would return the favor and treat me with the same.

They have no obligation to do so.

I could not “take” back the courtesy and respect I had given.

Instead I choose to give curtesy and respect to others because that is how I want to interact with people.

If it is not returned then I know we do not share that perspective. That’s OK.

How I respond is my choice and within my control.

What lessons have you learned when it comes to give and take while growing up?

How do you view give and take in relationships now?

Give yourself a high five for being a bada** and getting in your training today. Cheers!!


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