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Point A to Point B

Getting to Different Points

How you get from point A to point B and how much you move can affect your wellbeing.

One of the easiest ways to stay in good health is to integrate movement into your every day.

I have not paid too much attention to this in my life, until now.

We have often lived in places where I have had to use public transportation and walk to work.

Every day I had physical activity that was simply part of my day.

I have also lived in places where I drove to work and had to get exercise outside of my everyday commute.

My current situation of working remotely and commuting from my bedroom to bathroom to living room is the most challenging.

Homebody By Default

Being a homebody by default makes working from home even more of a challenge.

At the end of a long work day, the last thing I feel like doing is leaving my home.

I want to have nice meal, read a book, watch TV and hang out with my cat.

There can occasionally be days between when I go outside.

Figuring out how to get myself outside and moving has been a mind bender.

I do get a little stir crazy after awhile.

Re-thinking Breaks

Maybe if I re-think my breaks. Think of them more like recess in school, I will venture out.

After all, my favorite parts of school were PE and recess.

Getting out on the play ground was the highlight of my day.

Running around playing on the monkey bars and trying new tricks was my comfort zone.

The classroom was not where I felt at home, it is where I felt out of place.

I felt much more myself and able to learn and perform doing physical activities.

It was where I built my confidence.

Right now, I am not accessing that confidence.

I think it is time I went out for recess!

How about you? Does our life integrate physical activity into it? If so, how?

Take an opportunity to train today. Cheers!!

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