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OMG What Day Is It?

OMG For Realz

OMG, I cannot believe it is the almost the end of the week!

How the heck did that happen?

When you are in a heads-down crazy work pattern it is hard to back away.

I forced myself to go out to breakfast today.

Of course, while I was out my boss calls and I have to chat with him out on the sidewalk.

Being out for breakfast was not a problem, largely because the long intense hours I have been putting in.

The way this job was presented, on paper it was supposed to be a lot less hours and allow flexibility.


Today was the first day, I got to work through some mails that I was a few days behind on.

This was a relief.

I also managed to get my agenda and schedule down on paper and sent for my upcoming trip to Denmark.

This trip is going to be my cross-over to taking on more responsibility. 

Which makes me a bit nervous. Feeling a bit spread thin as it is, I wonder what this new landscape will be like.

Managing my time, and taking me time is still an important theme.

Right Time

Is there a right time? Or, is it about taking opportunities?

Thomas is going to start running a group training class at his parkour gym soon.

It will be in the morning and I will have a ride.

My work day is supposed to start at 8, and the class ends at 8.

Just because my start and there have been a lot of 10 to 12 hour days does not mean that I get to modify regular work hours.

I will need to make some choices, and experiment a bit.

How about you? Do weeks fly by and you feel like all you did was work? How does that work for you?

Get in a bit of training to put a smile on your face. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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