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New Situation New Food Habits

Situation Change

Anytime you move or visit a new place, your food situation changes. That means your food choices change and even some of your habits.

The bread you are used to eating, the special green drink you got from the corner store, or the farm stand specials you got each week are no longer available to you.

What do you do?

Adapt What You Know

This is where the basics of eating and exercising come into play. The things that you can control, regardless of what you are used to doing.

Learning to adapt to your new situation will help you to maintain your health goals.

Also experimenting and letting go of what was can help.

Thomas and I are familiar with Norwegian food culture. It has changed somewhat from when he grew up here and we lived here.

In other ways it is the same.

What changed is what Thomas and I eat. We eat far less processed food and sugary drinks than we did when we last lived here.

Going to the market and buying food we eat now was a new experience.

Interestingly it seemed that a lot of their organic produce options were a little cheaper than conventional options.

They also have different rules and regulations when it comes to chemicals and farming practices.

The bread options include very hearty minimal ingredient options. It is like buying a whole flour brick of goodness.

We do not eat much bread in the states anymore. Our experiment; Is the bread option we selected going to react better, the same, or worse with our bodies, than the bread we have in the States.

Rely on the Basics

Remember the basics of portion sizes and eating slowly to just full. Basic practices chosen, regardless of the situation or the food available.

What do you do in new situations?

How long did it take you to adjust, or did you not adjust?

Kick off your day with some movement training.


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