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Moving to the Beat of The Music

Beat of The Music

Training on your own? How about moving to the beat of music.

Or the beat of anything. Maybe it is banter on a podcast between the host and an interviewee.

When you are going at it alone, finding ways to keep a pace and get out of your own head may be necessary.

What do I mean by “out of you own head”?

I mean the self critic. I do not mean watching your form and staying focused on engaging muscles that need to be working.

If you are busy critiquing yourself you’re not focused on form…

Finding A Balance

There are days when we train alone.

Maybe you are used to them and find them invigorating.

On the other hand, they may be a struggle and you find that it is harder to get your training done.

Each time that seems right, you find something more pressing to do.

You come up with a new and improved plan, which will work out great!

Then that plan gets replaced by another when something even more important comes up.

The cycle continues.

Beat It By Building A Training Playlist

Every now and then I see discussions on social media about finding your power song.

I have even written about power songs before…

How about creating a playlist that build to your song, or just give you something to look forward to during your training session?

Select music that can be invigorating, but that also stays in the background.

Allowing you to focus on making the most out of your training session.

If you are a person who can listen to people talk, and keep focus on your training, maybe a podcast or audio book can work for you.

Talk about motivating… Only allowing yourself to listen to your book if you training. Murder mystery training sessions, so much fun!

Do you build playlist to train to, have a power song, or listen to a book? If so, how does it work for you?

Cheers to a kick off of another great week of training.

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