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Loosening Up After A Steady Work Day

Loosening Up

Loosening up after a long steady work day does not mean trowing back a couple of beers…

Instead, I’m referring to moving around with purpose.

Even if you trained in the morning, when you have a tasks during the day that require extended periods of stagnant work, consider moving around a bit.

Each day I turn off my work computer, I feel wiped out.

All I want to do is have a nice meal and chill out.

When I do loosen up a bit, I can feel the clicking and hear the popping of joints and ligaments getting back into place.

Twisted Pose

Do you find yourself, during different moments of the day, coming back into your body and wonder why you are holding a certain pose?

I know I take on this one arm hunch. My left shoulder rolls forward and I hunch down, twisting to the the right.

It is almost as if I am folding in on myself.

To correct it in the moment, I sit up straight and roll my shoulders back.

At the end of the day I still feel tightness in my neck and shoulders.

Bend A Little

Adding a little post work active joint rotation might do the trick.

I do not mind doing them, it does not take long to do, and it feels good.

That will be my plan.

What do you do to shake off the workday?

Find a way to train today. Cheers!!

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