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Settling in For the Long Haul

Settling For Not Settling

Settling in for the long haul does not mean becoming complacent.

It means that you settle on not settling.

If you do not want to settle, you can for instance go really hard at running and in a handful of years, your body won’t let you continue running.

How to not settle? Ignoring your body when tells it is not happy with the way you are training.

When your recovery choices do not let you continue to do the activities you enjoy doing.

How does being competitive add to this drive, lack of recovery, and long term damage?

If you are worried about how well you are going to place, and not how well and for how long you can perform it, then you will be more willing to cut corners.

One Time Too Many

I remember doing a half marathon and how that felt afterwards.

Even with months of training building up to the race, it did not feel great on my body.

5K’s were fun but I’m not built for speed.

I did not want to focus on getting faster.

I settled on 10K’s. I was thinking that those were my sweet spot.

Not so short that you felt you had to always run faster, and not too long so my body rebelled.

The training was more doable in a regular life, and recovery was better.

It has been awhile since I ran regularly and I do miss it.

What I do not miss is the “I have to!”.

Running on my own had its good moments, but sometimes felt like a big chore and a checkmark, instead of fun activity.

I enjoyed training with other people so much more.

The social side of things made the time fly by sooo fast.

Find What Keeps You Going

Over the years as you are exposed to different forms of training, you find different movements that feel better for you.

Those are the things to put in your repertoire of daily movement.

Simple ways to get your circulation moving.

To keep up lubricating your joints and your range of motion.

All the things that can make your life better, or worse, as you age.

Think back to what you have done over the years and make mental list of all the things that made you feel better.

Any movements that did not seem to wear you down.

Chew on those thoughts during your training breaks today, if you like. Cheers!!

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