Lifestyle: The means versus the style

Sometimes making the means to maintain your lifestyle gets in the way of the lifestyle itself. In those cases, compromises typically have to be made.

For us, today was one of those days. The making a living versus the reason we’re making a living came crashing together and it didn’t end well for the reason.

It happens and you can’t really do anything other than simply shake it off. Then forgive yourself.

Maybe the conflict causes you to not be able to make it through the workout today.

Maybe you’re unable to do what you wanted to for your “side-hustle”.

Or maybe it meant you gave up on breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It happens.

For us it was both simple and challenging, all at the same time.

As you may have picked up, we’re in transition. Wanting a slight change of pace, a different lifestyle for a while. Conform to what is needed for our long term goals to be met.

That means learning a new job for Christine.

It’s tiring.

It’s stressful.

And we’re only on day 4 (Christine isĀ very hard on herself in the beginning of a new job!).

We got to 10:00pm and guess what; Hadn’t been able to complete the reminder for tomorrow (this one).


So, “the other one” decided to step up and help out.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

For some of us, another work and training day (specifically, a resistance training day). For others, a shorter day with less time to spend on “the usual stuff” because you’re heading out somewhere fun for the weekend.

Who am I to hold you back…?

PS: Just don’t forget to train