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Let Nature Provide Variety

Hills, Valleys, Woods, Grass For Variety

Variety is one way to keep being activity more engaging.

Get more variety into your training program, or activity, by letting nature challenge you.

Running is an easy activity to take outside. Do you run on asphalt most of the time?

Look for another type of surface to run on for part of your run.

Find trails and places to run that have different surfaces that you can try running on.

The different surfaces can provide a great way to train the balancing muscles in your ankles.

It may also keep you hyper focused on how your foot is touching, because it may feel a little less solid than you are used to.

Resistance On A Bench

A bench in a park is a great piece of fitness equipment.

You can do dips, push ups, step ups, step overs, squats to bench, single leg squats, etc.

Using an empty bench, see how many of the exercises in your program can be modified to use it.

Do you want to increase the level of intensity, think about putting your feet up on the bench as you do your push ups.

Need to lower the intensity? Put your hands on the elevated bench seat or the back-rest to do your push ups.

Consider doing a “drop set” by doing part of your push ups low, then a little higher, then the highest. You “drop” the weight you are pushing with each set.

This is a great way to build up to doing more difficult level of push ups with out compromising form.

Adding a little variety to your program, by using what you find on a hike or run, can be a fun way to keep being active fresh.

Changing where you train not possible? Look at your space with fresh eyes and see if there is a way to modify a move or two. Cheers!!

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