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Knowing If Things Are Going Well

Are Things Going Well?

How do you know if things are going well?

Is coming up with a checklist of expectations, needs, wants, and desires a good way to evaluate circumstances?

Understanding fear, and the role it plays, can also make a difference.

Feeling the roller coaster of a task well done, and then the next going off the rails is both confusing and tiring.

When each moment can bring a new high or low, is that exciting or exhausting?

How can you tell?

Back To List Making

Before the new circumstance starts there usually is an idea or picture of how you hope things turn out.

Try and go back and make a list of those things, and see if it holds up to the real experience.

Think about what that can tell you.

Write out what drew you to the circumstance in the first place.

Are there key experiences that you are having, that connect to what attracted you in the first place?

What have you learned about yourself already?

Gut Check

Getting ready to ask yourself the real tough questions is a step you may want to prepare for.

Question that ask you about how you feel when…

What happens when you think about…

The questions that will allow you to tap in to your gut and what your gut is telling you about your circumstances.

The insight that you get may help you to shift your perspective, choose to take action, or continue down your current path.

Checking in will let you avoid waking up wondering how the heck you got down a road you never really wanted to travel in the first place.

It can also help you face demons that will show up, regardless of the circumstance, because they come with you.

What questions do you like to ask yourself, as a gut check, about how things are going?

Try using your training as a way to connect with your gut.

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