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Not Knowing is Knowing

Not Knowing

Knowing that you do not know something is amazing.

It leaves you open to gain more information, any way possible.

In spite of the insecurities you may have, if our desire to learn is stronger you will get better.

Insecurity can block your ability to take in new information.

Then, being right and not feeling like you did something wrong often becomes more important than gaining knowledge.

This is a real bummer.

Unknowingly closing off to new input can stifle your growth and if you help other people, not let you serve them to the best of your ability.

Plus when you know more points of view, and more facts about a subject, it gets easier to see what is missing.

Filling in The Gaps

If you do not know what you do not know, then it can be hard to fill in the gaps.

Listening to what you already know just reinforces those facts and experiences.

Coming across something that is new can help you look at the old in a new light. It lets you shift and maybe make something new.

Art is not the only place where collaboration is king.

In most areas of learning and teaching that collaboration will allow a person to grow faster.

It requires more critical thinking and checking back to evaluate your truths and the fact based truths.

Plus, collaboration can be a lot more fun.

Getting a bunch of people, who are interested in the same thing, together generates great conversation and new ideas.

What is your experience when it comes to learning? Is it true that the more you know the more you realize that you do not know?


Try something new in training and see if it works for you. Cheers!!

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