Kath's Journal: Semi-Private Personal Training Day 1

So, I just signed myself up for “Semi-Private Personal Training”.

It was time to change it up. Having been a regular participant in the “Wicked Strong Fitness Bootcamp” (personalized group training workouts) for the past 3+ years, I knew I was in a bit of a rut and I was stressed out. Make no mistake, boot camp was fantastic – it changed the way I thought about nutrition and exercise; there were some pretty awesome results and a whole bunch of really great people. I’m experiencing some pretty significant changes in both my professional and personal life. Working out went from being a stress reliever, to a stress inducer.

So, I stopped doing it. “I’ll start running again. I’ll eat less. I’ll join a cheap gym later….” I reasoned.

What actually happened? I didn’t run once. I ate more crap. I know cheap gyms don’t deliver results. I went back to Wicked Strong Fitness to try something new; “Semi-Private Personal Training”, a.k.a “Wicked Strong Chicks.

A 3 week hiatus from working out in combination with some less than conscientious eating habits means that I’m basically starting over. It’s a daunting thought that I decided to dismiss as I walked into Christine’s office for my initial assessment to participate in “Wicked Strong Chicks”, a new semi-private personal training program, focused on delivering optimal results for women.

Christine was very thorough in gathering the information she needed in order for me to participate in the Wicked Strong Chicks program. Kindly and carefully, she took all of my measurements in order to accurately track my progress in the program. My bicep, bust, waist, hips and thigh were all measured. I got to step on the scale (everyone’s favorite!) and my body fat percentage was estimated. We discussed my eating habits, water intake and Christine suggested nutritional supplements that help facilitate results with the semi-private personal training program. Christine is fully certified and Wicked Strong Fitness Bootcamps offers a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and developing simple habits that facilitate results. I was given some suggested nutritional changes to make, including taking a whole food multi vitamin and omega supplement. My fitness goals for this semi-private personal training program include preparing me to compete in a mini triathlon in 2013 and, I would really like to drop a jean size while I’m at it!

I like the talking part and would have liked to chat with Christine all afternoon, but we had to move on to the physical strength part of the assessment for Wicked Strong Chicks. The “warm up” phase of program is designed to get your mind and body working together and quickly gets your heart rate up. It only lasted about 10 minutes or so and while I definitely consider it “doable” for everyone, it was not without it’s challenges (any exercise that calls on my right side to perform a task different from the task my left side is performing, is often comical to the casual observer). In addition to getting the mind/body connections firing, this part of the assessment is used to evaluate overall strength as well as left versus right side balance.

Having had the benefit of knowing Christine for a few years now, she is a true professional who knows her stuff. I’m going to also let you know that, as someone who hasn’t been the most fit or the most athletic, Christine is kind; there is not criticism or judgement at Wicked Strong Fitness Boot Camps. I’m excited and inspired to be working out in the motivating and supportive environment Wicked Strong Chicks offers!

I’ll keep you posted on how the semi-private personal training goes!