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Increase SFM With Ground Work, What?

Increase SFM?

Increase SFM (Strength, Flexibility, Mobility) with Ground Work.

Ground work is movement that focuses on ways to increase and maintain flexibility, mobility, with strength while keeping you safe and snug to the ground.

This activity can seem fairly easy to some, and extremely difficult to others.

The determining factor is how comfortable you are with moving your body up and down from the ground.

Lifespan Predictor

Having and maintaining the ability to get up and down from the ground has been shown to predetermine your lifespan.

You have more chances of living a longer life if you remain functioning and active. The easiest way to predict how functional and active you are is related to how well you can get down to, and up from the ground.

I see this in my own parents who are in the late 70’s. Both of them can get up and down from the ground unassisted.

Is it a smooth fluid motion still? No.

They can kneel on one leg, use their hand, and sit down, then get back up the same way.

This shows that they have maintained enough muscle mass and strength to move their bodies through space.

Which helps with fall prevention and injury from acts of daily living like twisting with a full laundry basket.

Keeping It

Just like anything else, once you start and gain the benefits, consistent practice will help you maintain the benefits that come with it.

Since ground work is ageless, we want to offer the opportunity to practice this low impact, mid-intensity activity on a regular basis.

It all ties back to “basic training for an active life”.

Lets get to crawling, gliding, sliding, hopping, and deep squatting.

Notice when you see these movements in your program.

Pay close attention to how you do, and how you may improve the movement.

If applicable, do you use your hands? Is there a way not to?

Finding ways to make training fun and practical. Cheers!!

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