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Inclusivity With Words

Notice It’s Friday and we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Creating Inclusivity

Can you create a feeling of inclusivity with the words that you choose?

Why is being inclusive important?

It can be very easy to think that through the words you use, you can make yourself appear smarter and more of an expert.

But what happens when what you are trying to say is not understood?

Your message gets lost and the reader can be left feeling “less than”.

Was that your intention?

Most likely not.

People I meet, who want to share an idea, want to be understood.

They may realize that people sometimes do not agree with what they say, but they at least want to know the audience got their meaning.

Why It Matters

Part of being on a journey of movement, food, and feeling good is sharing what you learn as you progress down your path.

Being able to tell people what has worked for you and why it did can be helpful for you and them.

Friends and family will start asking questions as soon as they see a change in you.

Using scientific words to that audience to describe what you are doing, well the message tends to get lost.

They turn away and get interested in other things, because they simply do not get what you are on about.

Training and eating right is already challenging.

Framing the specifics in stories that only make sense to other trainers, or pros in the know, do not help your friends and family.

If one of them gets interested at a deeper level, you will know by the questions they ask.

Still, keeping it simple makes the conversation more open and accessible to a wider audience.

Who do you think really needs to learn and understand the knowledge nuggets you have accumulated during your journey?

The person who is into reading text books, getting certs, and talking sports science?

It is more likely your nephew, aunt, mom, or close friend from book club.

The people who really struggle to put it in context and make it matter to them.

Besides practicing inclusivity in any way helps to see it in other areas of life.

What word do you use to describe being active? Does that make a difference to you and who you are talking to?

Jump in to do your progress test, then talk about it. Cheers!!

Notice It’s Friday and we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

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