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Hold Yourself Accountable, Give Yourself a Break and Enjoy Life

Hold Yourself Accountable

When you hold yourself accountable, then regardless what you do, it will be OK.

If you say you want to eat healthy and you decide that eating healthy is eating a cup of spinach everyday… When you do that, then you are accountable.

Wanting to get out and move more, make yourself a deal that for the next two weeks you do (blank) for (blank) long, (blank) times a week.

Do that and you practice being accountable.

Maybe you decide that you need to eat chocolate cake every other Saturday.

Do that and stay accountable.

See the magic? It is all up to you.

You decide on the details and just follow through.

Give Yourself A Break

Maybe you are half way through a new training cycle and miss a workout.

What can you do instead?

Are there stability and mobility exercises you can do, no matter where you are, that support your training?

Are you mentally worn out and really need a day to recharge?

No matter what it is, the point is to give yourself a break. Then the next step it to get back to what you promised yourself.

If you give yourself mini-goals, it is easier than the overwhelming must-do-everything goals.

Maybe you made a goal that was a little too ambitious.

Step back and make it simpler, then get going again.

Make It Fun

Make it fun and you will feel rewarded.

It will be easier to keep going, because you will more than likely look forward to it.

Fun does not mean less challenging!

It just means you get moments of joy out of what you are doing, or who you are doing it with.

Rinse and repeat accountability, breaks, and fun.

Enjoy your training and getting a bit better each day. Cheers!!

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