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Hierarchy of Important Stuff

Why a Hierarchy?

When dealing with stressful changes, like putting all your things in storage and leaving the country, it helps to create a hierarchy of important stuff.

Each day when waking up we have a list in our heads of things that need to get done.

This can read like a grocery list. All things matter and if one thing does not get done then you can not create the whole.

Other times it is like a list of chores. A few items maybe be important, but most things can handle being put off a little.

The past few weeks have been more grocery lists than chores.

Tackle the To Do’s

To tackle this challenge an overall plan of action is helpful.

My action plan was to first put aside things to give away. Throw out stuff you can not give away, then make a trip to drop off donations.

I did not do this everyday. I did this more in a cycle. Sort some stuff one day. Next day throw, then go donate.

This worked for awhile.

Lifestyle Application

The same thing can be applied to getting back into training after a lapse. Say you went on vacation for ten days and did none of your regular health habits.

In the past, if you found it hard to get back into the swing of things, maybe it was because you went with the “all or nothing” approach.

You just “had” to get right back in to training and eating at the level you stopped, but found after a few days your motivation suffered?

Then this next approach may be worth a consideration.

The first week, you commit to training your main training method, resistance training, for three days.

The next week you add in one or two of your interval sessions.

The next week after that, you focus on eating two helping of veggies at every meal.

If you struggle getting back on track with one, slow down and take another week.

Soon enough you will be back into the swing of things that keep you healthy.

This method can be customized to what you consider the most helpful health habits you use.

Imagine after your next vacation. What would your hierarchy of important health habits to get back into be?

Give yourself an at-a-person for training today! Cheers!

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