Looking for our healthy food recipes? You have come to the right place!

Our healthy food recipes

We’re firm believers in making our own food from whole foods. That’s why, on this page, our healthy food recipes are “made from scratch”. And we try to not use grains or dairy, at all, in most of our recipes. Not because we’re members of the “Cult of Paleo” (been there, done that, since left the club), but because we have noticed some minor gastrointestinal discomfort whenever we add anything other than traces of dairy or grain to our diet. And the more processed that dairy and grain is, the greater our discomfort is.

That’s why the recipes included here are all made from whole foods. We also make sure you can make any of them quickly and easily from scratch with no real cooking experience.

You only need to have opposable thumbs and know how to read/follow instructions. If you’ve burned water before, know that you’re not alone; The Web Monkey has successfully accomplished that feat too, more than once.

Yet he still has managed to make these recipes without incident!

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