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How to Grow Muscle While Sleeping

Grow Muscle While Sleeping

To grow muscle while sleeping we all need a few ingredients. Some of them will take a little more time than the others, but overall it will be worth it. Especially if you are pushing 50 or older.

The first ingredient is some strength training. It can be body weight, free weight, machine weights, or how about milk jugs?

Focus on doing between 10-15 reps for three sets. Lift as much weight as you can, until you fatigue. That means if you can do 15 reps and feel like you got a few more in the tank, it is time to digging around for something heavier.

Every time you increase the weight, try to increase it enough so you tap out at 10 repetitions. Then keep that weight the same as you work your way back up to 15 reps.

Luckily VPT “basic training” has you covered. Usually you are doing 10, 12 or 15 reps in our program. To individualize this, select a weight or level of difficulty that you are ready for.

Second Ingredient

Now try to get in a few servings of protein throughout your day. There is a little bit of protein in most foods, but focus on getting a lean protein either from animal protein or well structured plant based protein between three and six times per day.

If you want to include a protein shake after strength training, go for it!

There is Whey (dairy protein), plant based options (pea, soy, brown rice, or a mix of these) and the new option is bug based protein (mill worm or crickets).

You may need to try a couple of kinds until you find one that is easy to digest and does not scare your taste buds (Protein powder shouldn’t taste much of anything when added!)

A Third Ingredient

Include some endurance training. With VPT we offer two days of high intensity interval training and up to one day of long distance endurance training.

How to individualize? Do you feel like you are gaining muscle and strength? If not, consider adding a few extra rest days. Since we offer a full body resistance program three days a week, you can try dropping down to two days, if you find you are losing strength.

You can also rest on one day of high intensity interval training, or change that to a more low key activity like pilates, yoga, or a “simple” flexibility and mobility session.

Finally sleep as much as possible to let your muscles recover and grow. While you are at rest is when you gain strength and muscle volume from the training you already got done.

Integrating and maintaining these habits now will make it much easier to keep it up as you age.

Get your training reward today by lifting some body weight. Cheers!!

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